Free Music Downloads: The Perfect Beach Music

With the beginning of summer comes beach season for all of you who live near the coast and what better way to enjoy the beach than to listen to music while you’re there. Whether you want to relax and sunbathe or frolick in the sand, it’s essential to have the perfect beach music on a hot summer day. Hence, here is a selection of Free Music Downloads that are just right for that sunny day at the beach.

Dandelie – Dandelie EPdownload – Dandelie is a duo comprised of Donato Ruscitt and Michael Maulsby who both hail from Boulder, Colorado. Their music is extremely peaceful and soothing to listen to, and it relaxes every bone in your body. Its electronic sound is quirky yet compelling at the same time, and many of their songs feature an electric guitar as well. The duo classify themselves as creators of “indietronic/chillwave” music, the texture of which is quite similar to that of The 1975.

Cimorelli – Hearts on Firedownload – Six-piece girl group Cimorelli’s first acoustic album is the perfect mix between a relaxing record and an upbeat pop LP. The girls’ harmonies on this album are impeccable, and every time all six girls sing together, happiness radiates from the music. Each song has extremely relatable lyrics that help listeners connect with the music and the girls as well. Cimorelli were first discovered through posting covers on YouTube and have been making music in the studio ever since.

Afterlights – Sundownload – Afterlights is a dream pop band from Tulsa, Oklahoma. Members Cale Chronister, Jacob Theriot, and Christian Theriot have been friends since childhood and love to create music together. The sound of their music is quite romantic and enchanting with all of the different instruments that they implement into their tracks. For example, this record, “Sun,” features an organ, synthesizer, and different keyboard sounds that hypnotize the listener as soon as the track begins. The trio continue to make music today and mainly perform at small venues in Tulsa.

Glass Ankle – Fragmentsdownload – Glass Ankle’s debut EP Fragments is a six-track record with a hypnotizing and lulling sound. All of the songs on this EP were written and performed by Greg Jackson, but when it comes to live performance, he is aided by Chika Woodward, Sophie Parkes, Samir Graba, Oisín Scarlett, and Anthony Jackson. Hailing from North West, England, Glass Ankle travels up and down the UK often performing at clubs and bars. The group frequently features a light acoustic guitar paired with an energetic riff on an electric guitar in their tracks.

Taylor Mathews – Do What You Want Todownload – Louisiana native Taylor Mathews has undoubtedly created a hit track with this single. The record begins with only Taylor’s voice lightly accompanied by a ukulele, but by the end, the song transforms into a rock hit as Taylor sings with great angst and passion in his voice. This incredibly dynamic track is great to listen to at the beach because it’s a feel-good record that sparks great energy in the listener. Taylor Mathews began his career opening for pop acts such as family-band R5 in 2013 and has been working hard ever since to establish himself as a solo artist in the pop world.

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