3 Ways You Can Get Your Conversation Partner on Your Side of the Argument

3 Ways You Can Get Your Conversation Partner on Your Side of the Argument


If you are ever stuck in the position that you need to discuss things with others, then you have to be aware of how you can work with the other party rather than try to work against them. If you ever think about any of the fights, arguments, disagreements, or even feuds that you are in, you probably can’t imagine a period of time where you are able to convince the other person by force. When you work with the other party in a conversation, then you will be much more likely to persuade them to join your side. That is why you should keep the following items in mind when moving forward.

Keep Calm

According to Life Hack, one of the most important things you need to do is to stay calm. There are more than enough examples of people who are quick to anger and then never actually solve anything. Besides, when you think about the effects that can often happen when one person starts to shout at another person, the whole chance of solving things starts to go out the window.

When you think about the ability to keep calm and carry on, you are starting to think about people who are able to diffuse the tension and keep people on task. Instead of shouting, name-calling, getting loud, and then storming off, those who can keep things conversational have a much better chance of being able to arrive at a mutually beneficial conclusion. As long as you are keeping things calm, then there is a better chance for compromise. In fact, there is also a chance that the other party will choose to work with you as opposed to working against you.

Study Your Opponent or Partner

One of the hardest things to remember is that individuals speak in a non-visual way with body language and other characteristics as much as they actually speak with verbal speech as well. That is why, when it comes to being able to use the enterprise video conferencing solution by the BlueJeans Network, you can see a significant number of benefits on your own part because you can see and read the other person’s facial expressions. When you are only relying on the ability to hear the words in the other person’s voice or you are just reading a text message or email, then you can lose all sorts of context. That is when trouble can happen out of nowhere.

When it comes to studying the other party’s body language, then you will be surprised to learn just how much can be accomplished in a short period of time. Not only are you able to see the other party as they lean away, make facial expressions to the contrary, or even just get upset and show signs of disapproval or rejection, but you can also tell when they start to become more interested as they do things such as leaning in, mimicking your body movements, or even smiling at the thought of an idea. The ability to see the other party face to face and in a crystal clear manner truly does allow for a much more complete discussion where both parties can transfer a significant amount of information.

Choose Your Words Carefully

According to Forbes, one of the most important mistakes that you should avoid is being brutally honest. Just because you are being honest does not give you the right to say whatever you want and act however you want, all in the name of honesty. In fact, when you think about the things that people will actually say and disclose during a conversation or an argument just because they think it’s the truth, you can imagine the way that a debate or a discussion will quickly escalate into a full blown fight. That is why, when speaking your mind, you do have to balance the line between being blunt and sugar coating it. The other party has to know your feelings on an issue for any accomplishment to occur, but you also need to respect them in the process.

With countless opportunities to be able to discuss things in your life, one of the best skills you can pick up is how to better communicate with others. Even though you can win every single fight that you are in, you will have a much better chance of being able to learn along the way and even converting enemies into allies more frequently than you would imagine. The truth is you might as well try to get input from others whether they are family, friends, or coworkers, and if you can get them on your side, then you will have a much easier time getting what you want.

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