Celebrate Your Wedding Day without the Hassle

Celebrate Your Wedding Day without the Hassle
Maggie Martin
Maggie Martin

Maggie Martin

Choosing the right venue for your wedding is important if you want to make the best out of the day. Here are a few things to consider when selecting wedding venues.

The location of the venue

You need to choose a location that will be easily accessible to most of your guests. If you are planning a destination wedding or a venue that is out of time, you will also need to think of the logistics for getting all your guests there.

Traffic and drive

Making your guests, drive a considerable distance by car to get to your party destination can take the fun out of the party, as everyone will be tired from the long drive. Even with maps and directions, more people tend to get lost over long distances. To avoid any confusion, it is advisable to give tour guests a separate detailed map to the location while sending out the invitations. You may also want to negotiate with a local inn or hotel near the wedding venue for discounted prices in case some guests prefer spending the night offer and starting to a fresh morning rather than a long drive. In case you anticipate traffic on the major roads leading to the venue, it is advisable to alert your guests as well. Keep in mind that you may have commuters among your guests who can easily be held up in traffic. You may want to consider timing your event to be out of the peak traffic time zones.

Style of the location

When it comes to choosing wedding venues, the style of the location that you choose is greatly influenced by the kind of wedding that you want. It is crucial to discuss your wedding themes first before settling on the location as it ties in greatly to how the theme is executed by the décor and design. Also, consider factors such as daytime or evening events. In case you are planning a late afternoon to evening wedding, choose a location with good lighting or find a lighting company to provide the extra light.

Guest count

Your guest count will determine whether the wedding venues will work for you or not. Most venues already know the number of people their domes, ballrooms or banquet calls can hold. These numbers should match your guest list to ensure that on your wedding day, all guests are comfortably seated. Request for an RSVP for your guests and attempt to contact those who do not RSVP before creating your final guest list to present to the wedding venue.

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