Top 10 Sexiest Male Soccer Players of All Time

The world of soccer is great if you have a good taste for some incredible matches, but the real reason to watch is for those sexy soccer players. With that in mind, here are the top 10 sexiest male soccer players you can find on the field.

Number Ten: Gerard Pique

The man is 6’4” in height and plays for the National team of Spain as well as for FC Barcelona. He also has a child with Colombian singer and fellow gorgeous human, Shakira. What a lucky kid!

Number Nine: Lionel Messi

He’s 5’7” and holds the pitch as a forward with FC Barcelona. He also plays for the Argentina national team. Messi is a major heartthrob, and he has the skills on the field to back it up. As far as the sexiest male soccer players go, this guy is a real winner.

Number Eight: Mario Gotze

This German athlete plays as a midfielder with the Bayern Munich as well as with the national team of Germany. Besides his high score as a good-looking man, Mario has netted more than 20 goals and participated in over 80 matches for Bayern Munich.

Number Seven: Fernando Torres

The Spanish National Team and England’s Chelsea couldn’t be any luckier to have such a handsome striker playing for them. Fernando’s star shone when he first joined Atletico Madrid. His look in his casual wear is just breathtaking!

Number Six: Robin Van Persie

If this guy dons a suit, ladies will break their necks turning for a tenth glance at him. Besides being one of the best strikers on the planet, this most handsome man also plays for Manchester United as a striker, and he’s also as the captain of the Dutch national team.

Number Five: Iker Casillas

By all accounts, Iker is elegant. He’s 6’1” and plays as the goalkeeper and team captain for both the Spanish national team and Real Madrid (La Riga club).

Number Four: David Villa

If you need some tips on how to stay young and don a stylish hairstyle, call David. The 5’9” guy doesn’t look his age. He’s over 30 but he looks like he could be a college frat bro! You should see him with his scarf on – to die for.

Number Three: Ricardo Kaka

The handsome midfielder is loaned to Sao Paulo FC by Orlando City. It’s his never-ending cheerfulness and freshness that keeps him at his prime. That tousled hair and adorable pout don’t hurt, either.

Number Two: One of the Sexiest Male Soccer Players – David Beckham

Famous for his elegant sense of fashion, David is a real attraction. The cool guy has played for many teams, including the Los Angeles Galaxy, Manchester United, Preston North End, Paris Saint-German, Real Madrid and the English national team. Beckham looks good both on and off the field, and even though he’s married, we’re including him on this list for good measure!

Number One: Cristiano Ronaldo

This handsome Portuguese man is a 6’1” forward playing for Real Madrid, and he also doubles as the captain of the Portuguese national team. He loves to keep fit, and that keeps him handsome! There’s no denying that soccer has some of the sexiest players of any sport. Thanks for reading!