From Cover Artist To Rising Original Musician, Brandon Wildish Discovers New Success With Latest EP ‘Other Side’

Jim Steinfeldt
Jim Steinfeldt

Southern California churns out their fair share of pop stars on what seems to be a monthly basis. In every genre imaginable, many often wonder where these artists come from and how they even “made-it” to begin with. Not every success story comes from the nurturing hands of major label executives, and often we learn how hard it is to make it in this industry to begin with. Brandon Wildish, a singer-songwriter from the Orange County area has proven that the hard work can pay off through taking different avenues. Wildish released his new EP, Other Side at the end of October and hasn’t looked back since.

With humble beginnings, Wildish started off as a rock guitarist for local bands and soon took his own path as an acoustic wielding singer-songwriter. For the last few years, he has been playing local venues as a cover artist and has found success usually not found by most musicians. With 7-9 shows booked weekly, Wildish has managed to make a career out of playing music full time. The next step was a natural one for Wildish, and the Other Side EP marks as his second release and most buzzed about effort to-date.

Other Side is a 4 song EP that explores personal experiences including taking risks, love lost love and even revealing some of his deepest moments of enlightenment and growth. The release blends influence of rock, indie, reggae and keeps everything together in a well-produced, cohesive package. You can feel the passion and honesty coming from his lyrics and in the music that Wildish fully composed. As he gains steam around California and in the press, Wildish is finding that there are new opportunities for musical success just around the corner. Other Side is available now and has recently been featured by Music Connection, All Access, Find Your Fav, New Music Inferno, Vents Magazine and many other.