5 Signs That Suggest You Need A Visit To A Dentist


Everybody knows that regular medical checkups are one of the best ways in which you can prevent many a problem. Such regular visits to your doctor also allow you to:

• Take corrective action when and where necessary.
• React to a problem well in time.
• Make changes to your diet or lifestyle in order to cater for a specific health concern and so on.

It is also true that you have to visit your dentist for regular checkups as well. However, you must also look out for a few signs that necessitate an almost immediate visit to the dentist.


There are many reasons why toothache can bring you down. The very first sign that you feel must result in a visit to the dentist. Toothache can rapidly escalate and interfere with:
• Sleep.
• Your work life.
• Eating and drinking.
• Everyday activities.

Bleeding gums

When you find spots or flecks of blood in a fruit you have bitten into or when you gargle your mouth and spit into the sink or even when you floss – it is essential to visit the dentist. It is not just bleeding gums that are a cause for concern, you should also watch out for:
• Inflammation.
• Swelling.
• Redness too.


Sharp, stinging reactions to both hot or cold food and beverages are rather painful. The nerve endings in your teeth react to pain and this may be because of cavities or even plaque buildup. Sensitivity can be addressed with specialty toothpastes but if the problem does not go away then go to your dentist.

Sensitivity starts on the surface of your teeth and then makes its way inward to the blood vessels and nerves so do get cavities filled in time. Problems with your fillings could also lead to such sensitivity and a dentist will surely be able to check the same and conduct remedial actions.

Bad breath

As embarrassing as it may be, occasional bad breath is kind of normal! It may have to do with something you have eaten or even having forgotten to brush your teeth. But bad breath should not be a near permanent thing. If you have developed halitosis for almost a full day and none of your remedial measures are working then it is cause for concern. Bad breath can be caused by:
• Infection – not just in the oral cavity but also in the digestive system.
• Gum disease.
• Infected tooth and even
• Sleep apnea.

Deposits on teeth

White spots or other discolored portions on your teeth could be indicative of:
• Bacterial infection.
• Erosions in teeth enamel.
• Tartar etc.

These deposits can spread and cause damage to gums, teeth and tooth roots. Such dental calculi should be addressed immediately. You should also look for changes in the color of your mouth – tongue and inner cheeks included.

Finally, it is good to remember that dental problems grow when left untreated so do schedule an appointment with your dentist at the very first sign of trouble. Being vigilant about your dental health can help in different ways.

Author Bio: Jack is a writer and marketing expert with 5 years experience in writing about dentistry, marketing dental clinic, advertising options for local dentist etc.