Arkansas Area Codes

Arkansas Area Codes

If area codes seem like a boring subject, then you haven’t delved into the history of how people developed telephone numbering plans. There are plenty of tidbits into how area codes were created. For instance, the United States and Canada worked together to finalize an area code system in 1947. Today, the system also includes places like the Bahamas, Dominican Republic, and Jamaica. The area code system does not, however, cover Mexico or South America.

Area codes even have interesting histories when you look at them on the state level. For example, Arkansas started with one area code (501) that covered the entire state in 1947. Having one area code worked well for the state until 1997, when its population got large enough that it needed to add a second option (870). The state gained its 479 area code in 2002.

Today, 501 applies to phone numbers in the Little Rock metropolitan area. The 870 area code covers 56 counties in the state’s western, southern, and northern areas. The 479 area code covers 13 counties in the state’s northwestern corner. Experts believe that the 870 area code will last until 2020, when Arkansas may need a new option to cover its larger population.

Learn more about the interesting development of Arkansas Area Codes by reading this infographic from You’ll pick up historical facts as well as definitions of phrases like “area code overlay.” The more closely you look at area codes, the more fascinating they become.

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