Assessing The Potential Dangers and Side Effects Of Blood Thinners

Assessing The Potential Dangers and Side Effects Of Blood Thinners

Many people have to take blood thinning medication, in order to prevent the risk of clotting. Blood clots are extremely dangerous, because they can migrate to vital organs, thus preventing their normal functioning. This is why doctors treat thrombosis and other similar ailments with extreme attention, even though such dangers aren’t imminent. Even cardiac arrhythmias call for blood thinners, because these events can lead to the formation of blood clots. This treatment is also recommended after cardiac surgery and after percutaneous coronary intervention. In such situations, you may need to take this medication for the entire rest of your life, so you have to inform yourself thoroughly on all potential dangers and preventative measures you’ll have to take.

All these lead to the point that blood thinning medication is a must in certain situations. However, you have to be aware that this treatment has its own dangers and side effects, so you shouldn’t take such drugs without your doctor’s recommendation. If you feel something is wrong with your heart or with any other part of your body, schedule an appointment with your doctor, in order to find out the possible cause. Self diagnosing is a very hazardous practice, especially when it comes to cardiovascular diseases. You should never follow the treatment that has been recommended to someone else, even if the symptoms appear to be very similar. Each body is unique, so you have to get diagnosed and recommended a treatment by a physician. This included blood thinners among other categories of drugs.

As their name suggests, blood thinners make your blood more fluid, so that it flows smoothly through your circulatory system. This also means that it has a much longer coagulation time, so if you cut yourself, your wounds will heal much slower than the ones of healthy people who don’t take such medication. Besides, you are going to bleed more, so you may have to hurry up to the ER each and every time you get hurt and start bleeding. If you get involved in a car accident, you may lose more blood than the other people, so your risk of death is much bigger. These are the kind of events you can’t control, no matter how careful you may be. You can’t lock yourself up inside your house, so you should be extremely careful, in order to avoid open wounds of any type. If you have cats, you need to watch out for claws and teeth. You can’t afford to get scratched, as you’re going to bleed immediately, even in case of minor scratches. Even if you manage to stop the bleeding, you still expose yourself to huge health hazards, as cats may carry viruses and bacteria that can make you very sick.

Bruises are also more frequent in case of patients who take blood thinners. Even a bit more pressure applied on your body could result in ugly bruises that take an eternity to heal. Domestic accidents can have severe consequences, so you need to be extremely cautious with what you can and what you can’t do in your household. If you practice yoga, martial arts or whatever other sport that involves rough contact with a hard surface or with another person, you rick to get injured quite frequently. This is why your doctor may forbid you to practice this kind of sports anymore, at least for the entire duration of your treatment.

When your blood gets thinner, you may experience changes in your blood pressure values. This is something your doctor is going to watch carefully, in order to adjust your blood pressure medication accordingly. Such treatments involve keeping in touch with your doctor quite frequently, so you shouldn’t wonder if you’re going to need to undergo monthly checkups. By identifying and diagnosing all side effects or adverse reactions sooner rather than later, you can benefit from the correct treatment that would lower the risk of putting your life in danger.

All these being said, you can still lead a normal life, if you give up dangerous activities and if you follow your doctor’s recommendations and advice. You may even have cats, if you don’t play with them as you used to.

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