25,000 Invited to Queen's 90th Birthday Party

25,000 Invited to Queen’s 90th Birthday Party



On Tuesday, 25,000 highly sought after tickets went on sale for the Queen of England’s 90th birthday party. They sold out in a matter of hours.

According to HMQ90, an official website devoted entirely to sharing information about her birthday party, the festivities will take place in mid-May of 2016, and members of the Royal Family will be present each night. The party will be held in Home Park Private of Windsor Castle, and the Queen will be present the final night of the party, May 15. The party planners hope to raise enough money to donate to various charities all around England.

More than 900 horses and 1,500 participants from all around the world will be present each night of the Queen’s festivities. The following acts are confirmed for her Royal Highness’ party (not all confirmed acts are mentioned in this list): The Oman Royal Cavalry, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Azerbaijan Cossack Riders, State Carriages from The Royal Mews, The King’s Troop Royal Horse Artillery, The Fijian Army Dancers and Band and The Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment. Well that’s certainly a mouthful. Animals belonging to the queen (such as horses, dogs and pigeons) will also be present.

If you didn’t get your ticket in time, don’t fret! Up to 5,000 tickets will be given away for free as part of a ballot in early 2016. As a ticket holder, you’ll be privileged to the following: watching celebrities walk the red carpet, performance displays and a stunning final performance on a pop-up screen with the Windsor Castle as a backdrop.

The party is being produced and directed by Simon Brooks-Ward, who said the following about the biggest party of next year: “We’ve been working hard to make this a most unique birthday celebration. We’re especially delighted with our plans to offer an extra 5,000 people the chance to be part of the celebrations through our balloted system for tickets on The Long Walk. This will take place in the New Year.”

The Queen was born in 1926 and has lived quite a long and fruitful life. She was coronated in 1953 and has held her reign for longer than 60 years. Her life has been quite remarkable, and this massive celebration will celebrate exactly that. Long live the Queen!

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