The 29 Celebrity Impressions Video is a Bold Faced Lie!

The 29 Celebrity Impressions Video is a Boldfaced Lie!

Rob Cantor LiePhoto Courtesy of Rob Cantor’s Website

A few days ago FDRMX wrote about Rob Cantor’s incredible video 29 Celebrity Impressions, 1 Original Song in which he channels 29 different celebrity voices while unveiling his original song “Perfect”. We (and the internet community) were blown away by Cantor’s musical ability to transition between voices like Patrick Warburton and Ian Mckellan in a nanosecond. Truly, Rob Cantor’s video confirmed his incredible talent and made us swoon for his chameleon-like voice.

But it was all a lie. A devastating, devastating lie

About a week after the original video aired (and right after it amassed 7 million views) Cantor posted a soul-shattering “Making of” video with he states the video “‘was created with the help of eleven impressionists and one trumpet player, all exceedingly talented. I hope it was fun to watch, and that you enjoyed my song ‘Perfect.'” Later on in the video he admits, “I cannot do a single celebrity impression.”

To this, the internet community (predictably) expressed rage, though many still expressed support at Cantor’s efforts, as well as the quality impressions provided by his friends. For the record, the sound of Flipper cackling was done by an actual human being.

Giving credit where credit is due, the video is a very well done fraud and will most likely remain be a favorite music experience of ours. Cantor does showcase some seamless dubbing and there are still a few spot on impressions via the voice actors, but right now we’re just too damn heartbroken to really go into it. To be honest, the fault may be on the viewers for believing that it was real. Just like the recent news with Britney Spears, we should have seen this coming.

The silver lining of this disappointing revelation is that now so many more people are aware of all Cantor’s cool music. “I just wanted to make something that would be fun to watch and spread my music,” Cantor told Jezebel. Mission accomplished there. If nothing else, Cantor has made sure that many Youtube viewers will be very emotional the next time they hear the name Rob Cantor.

Be sure to check out Cantor’s studio recording of the video right here. While we do still have the utmost respect for Cantor and his impressive body of work, we do have to say:

Damn you, Rob Cantor. Damn you for making us love you so much.

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