4 Apps That You Must Try Before 2016 Ends

4 Apps That You Must Try Before 2016 Ends

There are millions of apps on Google Playstore and Itunes, but only few leave a mark. We have listed out 4 such apps which will surely impress you. These apps will make your life easy and let you have fun at the same time. Let’s check them out.


The 2016 witnessed the Prisma application that made its debut on app stores like a storm and soon became the most talked photo-editing app of the year.

This application transforms the image into an artistic effect. It gained the popularity soon after its launch and even the big Hollywood stars started posting their Prisma pictures on their social media handle. Prisma is the photo editing application which everyone must try and especially for those people who looks artistic pictures.

Gravity Gestures

The Gravity Gestures is the one application, which is not understood by most of the people. The user can save a lot of time by using this application. It features four gestures rotation X, rotation Y, rotation Z and shake. These gestures open a particular app e.g. you can open the camera of your phone just by shaking it.

It also allows the users to customize the gestures that they want to add. You can check full review of this app on Apps Jail.

Android Pay 

This application is suitable for the user who hesitates to pay bill and shop online due to the security concern.

The user just needs to download the application from the store and needs to add the credit, debit, loyalty, and gift cards to Android Pay. This application provides the additional security to your credit card as it never reveals the actual credit card number and generates another account number to keep your card detail always safe.


The hectic schedule of the day to day life of an individual is preventing them from reading newspapers and web articles. However, this problem was sorted with the introduction of the Narro application.

This application will enable the user to listen to the web post. The user just needs to add the link and bookmark in the application and Narro will read out the full-length blog in proper ascent.

Narro can read out the news and articles in more than 15 languages, and it is also ads free.

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