4 Awesome Skin Care Regimens for Your Face

4 Awesome Skin Care Regimens for Your Face

4 Awesome Skin Care Regimens for Your Face
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The skin on your face is what you present to the world every day. Not doing anything to take care of your skin leaves it dull and lifeless. You want to keep it looking its best to present a healthy visage to all you meet. How you take care of it depends a little on your skin type and a lot on the products you use to promote dead cell turnover and retain moisture to reduce wrinkles and even prevent their appearance. Following are four tips to help you create an awesome skin care regimen that keeps your skin looking clean, fresh, and youthful.

Skin Peels

Image via Flickr by dan taylor

A skin peel sounds as if you literally peel off the entire layer of skin on your face in one go. The truth is vastly different. Glycolic and salicylic acids are gentle and designed to only go a couple of skin cell layers down. Peels work by separating the bond that holds skin cells together and causing them to come away from the skin. What you see come off your face depends on the strength and type of acid you use.

Lower strength peels won’t have much of a visible reaction on the skin. They work more gently, but they do work. Skin cells come off and you do get a cleaner looking face, but the results don’t last as long as a deeper peel with stronger acids. A deep peel goes through more layers and can feel like a sunburn, but once it heals, the skin looks fresh and bright.


The face gets a lot of exposure to sun and wind, both of which are drying factors. And if you use astringents to clean dirt off your skin, you’re adding to the dryness. Dry skin creates a dull appearance and leads to fine wrinkles from the loss of moisture. You can drink a lot of water to hydrate your skin, but it won’t replenish what’s lost in the face. Moisturizers work into the surface of the skin, filling cells with moisture which in turn plumps everything up. Fine lines get reduced or disappear entirely. Make sure to discontinue the use of astringents and use soaps with moisturizing properties to wash away dirt and keep skin from drying. You want to use a quality moisturizer, such as the skin care products produced by Amway, to get the best possible results. You can even check out Amway’s YouTube channel for how-to videos and advice for proper skincare.

Silicone Gel Sheets

The concept of applying silicone to the face seems like an odd one on the surface, but silicone has skin repairing properties that reduce the appearance of wrinkles with regular use. Silicone gel sheets were originally designed for the purpose of reducing scars but were found to have the ability to reduce wrinkles. Silicone gel works in a similar fashion to a moisturizer, but does so in a more direct manner. Applying a gel sheet to a facial wrinkle for 8 hours brings moisture into the skin from deeper within the dermal layer. A gel sheet also lets oxygen through to create a micro-climate that benefits the skin. It also encourages collagen production to fill in the fine lines.

Microdermabrasion Tools

Rotary brushes and micro crystal pumices literally scrub away the surface skin to reveal the new layer underneath. The action is similar to a peel and may be an alternative for some. A microdermabrasion brush won’t remove as much dead skin as a pumice which gives the user the ability to fine tune just how much skin they want to remove during a session. The sunburned look does happen if the brush or pumice stone used is too harsh. Always start with a light touch and use stronger brushes and stones once the skin is used to the treatment and you gain more proficiency with the tool.

These four tips help you get your skin looking its best and with the least amount of effort. All of the regimens are inexpensive to obtain, easy to use, and help you get your skin into shape without having to step foot in a medical office.

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