Top 5 Fake Eyelashes That Are the Real Deal

Top 5 Fake Eyelashes That Are the Real Deal

Top 5 Fake Eyelashes That Are the Real Deal

Finding fake eyelashes that are both affordable and long-lasting can be extremely difficult. Not everybody has the time or the money to try out different brands, and one bad experience can put a person off of fake eyelashes for the rest of her (or his) life. However, we’ve got a great list of the five brands of false eyelashes that are the real deal. Check them out for yourself below!

Number Five: Ardell Multipack Demi Wispies Fake Eyelashes. These lashes are more for a glamorous night out on the town than for your first Tinder date, but nonetheless, they are amazing. The lashes will run you less than 10 dollars on Amazon, and the difference they make is instantly noticeable. These lashes are especially appropriate for beginners who don’t have experience with applying false eyelashes because they are very easy to put on. NB – these lashes do not come with glue, so you’ll have to buy your own.

Number Four: MAC Fake Lash #2. These lashes by popular beauty company MAC are one of their most popular sets of fake lashes. The lashes add both length and body, so they make a very noticeable difference without looking too unnatural or “fake.” Though they will cost you about 20 dollars on Amazon, these lashes are definitely worth the splurge.

Number Three: Ardell Duralash Naturals Individual Lashes. These lashes are a godsend for makeup fanatics who are very specific about their eye makeup. The individual lashes allow you to customize your eyes to be exactly the way you want them. Though you have to apply them individually, these lashes are perfectly suitable for beginners since they are knot-free. The lashes cost just over 10 dollars on Amazon.

Number Two: De Prettilicious False Eyelashes. These fake eyelashes are perfect for indecisive beginners who don’t want to spend too much but also want a high-quality product. There are 10 styles of these lashes, so they are very versatile as well. A set of 10 of these lashes will set you back about 13 dollars on Amazon.

Number One: Eye Splashes 70 Pairs False Eye Lashes Bundle. This bundle of 70 pairs of eyelashes is great if you wear fake eyelashes every day, or, at least, every weekend. There are seven different styles that range from extremely natural to extravagantly glamorous, and each style comes with 10 pairs of lashes.

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