5 Hot Tech Items for 2017

5 Hot Tech Items for 2017

Although it surely promises to only get more impressive, technology sure seems to be having a moment. From kids and their love of tablets and those who surf the web all day to influencers who always have every tech item before others know it’s a “thing” and your Average Joe tech-heads, technology isn’t going anywhere soon. The only issue is that tech items are constantly being upgraded and transformed, so much so that what you’ve got in your bag is likely to be deemed “uncool” before you can say “Version 2.0.” It’s always best to stay on top of or even ahead of the trends, so read on if you’re looking for five hot tech items for 2017. Whether they’re gifts for the tech-lover in your life or for you, yourself, and, well, YOU, these items are hot, hot, hot.

  1. Zomething to Help you Zleep Zoundly

Are you constantly in search of the perfect ZZzzzzzzs? We feel your pain. In fact, if you spend a lot of your time online, you’ve likely heard your peers complain about counting sheep and the dreaded “I showed up to work naked” dream. It’s no wonder that a lot of time and effort has been put into the pursuit of the perfect night’s sleep, especially considering the many health benefits there are to getting a lot of rest. As with most things, there are technology items we can turn to in order to improve our sleep, including sleep apps (Yep, there’s an app for that!), wristbands that assess your sleep patterns, cooling pillows, and the serene sounds from the noise machine. There are even blue light blocker glasses. A number of studies have shown that blue light during the evening hours disrupt the brain’s natural sleep cycle and the production of the body’s sleep-friendly serotonin. So either put that cell phone/tablet down at night, or snag a pair of these glasses. Bid adieu to the bags that have taken up residence underneath your eyes.

  1. Dive Into Drones

Drones have been in the media a ton of the last few years, as no one quite knew what the future was for these cutting-edge pilotless aircrafts or missiles. There has been talk of their part in modern wars, whether our packages will all be delivered via this method of transportation, and even their future in the sports world. If you’re looking for a drone for sale, then check out review sites to make sure you’re getting the best one for your needs. These have become a hugely popular gift for both kids and adults alike. And, as with most things, the quality and “bells and whistles” tend to increase the more you spend, there are plenty of drones that will give you awesome aerial views without the huge bottom line.

  1. Is There an Echo in Here?

If your biggest fantasy is to have your own personal assistant to be at your beck and call, you’ll love the Amazon Echo or Google Home. Busy moms (which is basically all of them) will appreciate this the most, and with Mother’s Day just around the corner, adding this to your gift list will be a sure-fire win. In a nutshell, these highly popular tech items answer questions, play music, control connected appliances, set timers, and more. It’s basically organization in a cute little container. What more does anyone need?

  1. Xbox 2: Project Scorpio

This one isn’t even out right now but, if you’re one of those people who like to get things as soon as they are available, mark your calendars for the holiday season this year. It’s going to be a gamer’s dream, as it’s going to have VR and 4K gaming compatibility along with the ability to record and stream gameplay footage in 4K without having to buy an expensive external capture card. To sum it up in gamer speak, the Xbox 2: Project Scorpio is going to be EPIC.

  1. Fitness Gadgets

Concerned about your health? Who isn’t? Some assume tech items and being healthy are counterintuitive, as many think technology means we’re all sitting inside on our games or tablets. However, there are a ton of super cool fitness gadgets out right now. From wireless heart rate headphones and smart bicycle helmets to Zepp sports trackers (attach this to your sports equipment!) and fitness trackers that sync to your headphones to provide music, stats, and more, the world is your fitness gadgets oyster.

Snag any of these hot tech items for 2017 and you’ll fee like you, only version 2.0.

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