5 Things to Know About the Apple Watch 2

5 Things to Know About the Apple Watch 2

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last decade or so, you will no doubt be well aware of just how influential Apple have been in the tech world as of late, and as things stand, not a great deal has changed. Apple are still pretty dominant in the tech industry, they continue to release state of the art gadgets such as phones, tablets, and now watches, and we continue to buy them. Whilst the first gen Apple watch didn’t exactly change the world as we know it, it still proved successful enough to warrant an upgrade, which it has now gotten in the form of the soon to be released Apple watch 2. Here are 5 things potential customers need to know about the watch.

It is Pokemon Go-ready

If you’re a Pokemon Go fanatic like millions of other people all over the globe, you will be very pleased to hear that the Apple watch 2, is indeed pokemon go-ready. As you may know, the watch itself has an activity tracking feature, which will now be integrating pokemon Go training, so you can train pokemon and can clock up KM using the watch’s GPS in order to hatch eggs. If you enjoy playing this revolutionary new game, the Apple watch 2 is very beneficial indeed.

It can withstand more punishment

The original Apple watch was splash resistant and could withstand getting wet now and again, but the apple watch 2 is going to be far more durable and will be able to take much more punishment. It can be submerged in water for up to 50 metres. It is harder wearing, and it is generally a great deal tougher. For these reasons, using the apple watch 2 for activity tracking purposes will be very useful.

It is more powerful

Another benefit associated with the new apple watch is the fact that it will be more powerful than its predecessor. It will have a dual-core processor that will make it up to 50% quicker than the original apple watch. This means it is going to be able to run more fps, and will feature a new GPU in the process.

It features built-in GPS

When reading about Pokemon Go before, you may have noticed us speaking about the fact that the device has in-built GPS. Those who owned an apple watch will understand that the original watch didn’t have this feature, so by going with the apple watch 2, you will be able to benefit from all kinds of physical activities and pastimes, especially if you like to keep fit and active. We don’t know how well it will perform, but Apple are not renowned for producing shoddy products, so it should do just fine. Here you can also browse any Free Delivery Code for savings on your apply watch 2.

Different styles

Finally, the last thing you need to know about the Apple watch 2, is the fact that there are more different styles to choose from. There is a stainless steel finish, an aluminium finish, and a new white ceramic finish which is 4 times tougher than the stainless steel, which is why the watch is so durable. There are different straps and colour schemes to choose as well, so it will really look the part.

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