5 Ways to Keep Your Pets Tick and Flea Free

5 Ways to Keep Your Pets Tick and Flea Free

5 Ways to Keep Your Pets Tick and Flea Free


Pets getting affected due to the fleas i nothing new. Flea attack makes them suffer from itches and frustration. A true pet lover can never stay relaxed if his pet is not well. Hence, it is extremely important for everyone having pets at home to have knowledge about the ways of keeping them flea free.

Regular check-up:

The best way to keep the pets devoid of flea is simply by detecting them earlier as possible. To detect fleas earlier, there is no better way than consistent check-up. One of the biggest advantages of regular check-up is that the pet owner can know whether the itching is due to flea attack or something else. As a result, they can keep the pet safe from wrong treatments.

Detoxifying home:

There really is no meaning to spend huge chunk of money on the pet’s nutrient instead of keeping his environment clean. Every pet owner should understand that fleas propagate at much higher rate than one can estimate. On this regard, detoxifying the home is essential. It is here to note that normal cleaning can’t do the job as the fleas leave eggs that remain at home even after regular cleaning.

Moreover, you should keep any cloth used for flea removal outside the home, as it also holds the possibilities of further propagation. Use only the best flea spray that holds least toxic effect.

Detoxifying the surrounding:

As explained above, fleas rush to home from the outside. Naturally, this means keeping the outer environment clean is equally important as of keeping things clean inside. To be specific, the growing grasses should be cut and detoxified as this is the best zone for ticks and fleas.

Regular shampooing:

Regular shampooing is indeed one of the finest traditional ways of keeping pets free from ticks and fleas. One should regularly shampoo pet during summer or similar flea seasons. However, it is important to find the best shampoo that won’t affect the pet’s health or skin.


Repellents and treatments are like the ultimate ways of flea removal. Even after shampooing, the repellents are recommended for utmost satisfaction. However, one should prefer using organic repellents. Homeopathic repellents can be nice option as well.

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