50 Cent Claims "Excessive Masturbation" Caused Terrible Pitch

50 Cent Claims “Excessive Masturbation” Caused Terrible Pitch

50 Cent 1Photo Courtesy of Soul Culture

Give credit where credit is due. At least 50 Cent is bold with his excuses.

A few days ago at a Mets game 50 Cent threw what has been called the worst opening pitch ever. Instead of throwing it over the bag, the pitch transformed into a slider on steroids and wound up several yards left of the strike zone, almost hitting several cameramen. The crowd still cheered on, forcing some cynics to speculate that 50 Cent threw such a pitch as a publicity stunt. That pitch can be seen in all of its infamy here.

Today 50 Cent has “come clean” over why he threw such an ugly pitch. In a Reddit AMA today, a commenter posted to 50 Cent’s official page “what happened on that pitch?.” Rather than ignore the obvious taunt, 50 Cent simply replied “I have a skeletal muscle injury on my left shoulder from excessive masturbation.”

With such an unexpected explanation delivered, the comments flooded in congratulating 50 Cent for his honesty and claiming he was “on the right website.” Many other Reddit visitors took to the internet to post and comment on the unprecedented confession from one of the most brutal and intimidating rappers of the decade.

50 Cent, legally known as Curtis Jackson, has been a respected and popular rapper ever since his 2003 Megahit album Get Rich or Die Tryin’ put him on the map with the single “In Da Club.”  He became solidified a one of the top rappers with his 2005 followup Massacre preventing him from being a one hit album wonder. His most recent album Animal Ambition has so far been a critical and commercial disappointment, fueling the aforementioned theory that the pitch and subsequent comical confession were all an attempt to gain popularity. Nevertheless, 50 Cent is already moving forward with his next album Street King Immortal which will be released sometime this year.

With two albums in one year it seems 2014 is turning into a do or die year for the rapper who has been struggling to gain the same status he attained in the mid 2000’s.

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