50 Cent Unleashes 'Power' Season Two Trailer

50 Cent Unleashes ‘Power’ Season Two Trailer

Courtesy of thisis50.com

Courtesy of thisis50.com

The Starz network released the trailer for the second season of Power. The preview gives the audience a glimpse into all the drama surrounding this upcoming season, which will premiere in the summer. It seems the show is continuing right where it left off from the finale, 50 Cent‘s character, Kanan, gets out of jail and he’s ready to reclaim his position as the city’s drug “kingpin.” James “Ghost” St. Patrick tries to save his Truth nightclub by hustling harder at his drug business. Ghost’s real dilemma is, he wants to quit the drug business, and dedicate all of his time into his other legitimate businesses. His struggle this season will be trying to leave the drug business behind.

The second season will more than likely focus on the power struggle between Ghost and Kanan, a “who will end up on top” scenario. Power, which is executive produced by 50 Cent, will air ten episodes this season. Watch the season two premiere of Power here

A few weeks ago, the rapper accused Fox‘s hit show, Empire, of being a ripoff of his show Power. 50 Cent posted his issue with Empire on social media, “POWER Season 2 is unbelievably good trust me.” The rapper added, “I have the best writers and show runner. I like Terrence Howard and Taraji Henson. I don’t like that They would copy the Marketing.” While the rapper is targeting the show Empire, it seems the tables may have turned on 50 Cent.

A man by the name of Curtis Scoon has accused 50 Cent of stealing the concept of Power from him. Scoon claims he developed a script entitled Dangerous, and the script sparked an interest from 50 Cent’s camp. Scoon also alleges he met with the rapper to discuss the project. 50 Cent has reportedly responded to the allegations, and he has vehemently denied he ever met with Scoon. However, the Starz network has not commented on the recent allegations. A few days ago, Scoon went on social media and tweeted, “I think I’m gonna breakdown my imminent lawsuit this morning. Even my mom told me I have to file.” We will just have to watch closely to see how all of this unfolds. 

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