These Are the World's 7 Most Dangerous Jobs

These Are the World’s 7 Most Dangerous Jobs

These Are the World’s 7 Most Dangerous Jobs

Some jobs are prestigious, some pay well, and some are just really dangerous. These seven of the world’s most dangerous jobs are so dangerous that they threaten the lives of people who perform them every day. Check them out for yourself below, and you might appreciate your cubicle a little more afterward.

Number Seven: Helicopter Linemen.

One of the several jobs involving helicopters on this list, helicopter linemen are highly specialized electricians that work on live, high-voltage transmission lines bare-handed. In order to avoid electrocution, these linemen must be isolated from the ground – hence, the helicopters.

Number Six: Underwater Welders.

Underwater welders may be some of the highest-paid people, but there’s a reason they’re paid so much. Every day an underwater welder comes into work, he faces numerous risks, including decompression sickness, hypothermia, drowning, electric shock and underwater explosions. All in a day’s work!

Number Five: Loggers.

Lumberjacks and loggers are often viewed as burly men with beards, but there’s a lot more involved with the job. Loggers work hard manual hours, and the risks they take are nine times more dangerous than those associated with being a police officer.

Number Four: Cattle Musterers.

The name might sound funny, but the job isn’t funny at all. Cattle musterers in Australia use helicopters to herd cattle in the outback in a way that horsemen cannot. The primary drawback is that, because pilots have to fly so close to the ground, they risk hitting a cow or tree. There’s no telling what damage the helicopter could do if it hits a cow.

Number Three: Bridge Painters.

Bridge painters are exactly that – people who paint bridges. However, in order to become a bridge painter, you have to pass numerous tests that prove you are psychologically capable of painting for long hours 600 feet above the ground.

Number Two: Smoke Jumpers.

Smoke jumpers are like hardcore skydivers. They parachute out of planes and into the hot zone of fires to fight it before it spreads.

Number One: Target Girls.

Finally, the most dangerous job is that of a target girl. These girls volunteer to have sharp things thrown at them for stunts. They either stand in front of or are tied to a moving board, and they get paid for magicians and performers to throw daggers at them.

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