7 Weight Loss Myths & Why They're Wrong

7 Weight Loss Myths & Why They’re Wrong

7 Weight Loss Myths & Why They're Wrong


The weight loss industry is both vast and complex. There are many confusing ideas that are currently being circulated concerning weight loss, along with a host of well-marketed products for expediting this process. Sadly, most consumers can’t discern which tactics, supplements and programs will provide optimal results. Following are 7 weight loss myths debunked.

Eating Less Is the Only Way to Lose Weight

The goal of weight loss is to create a calorie deficit, or to consume fewer calories than your body burns. Rather than strict, calorie deprivation, work on improving your body’s natural, fat burning abilities. Do this by increasing the amount of physical exercise you’re getting each day.

You’re Guaranteed to Lose a Single Pound Per Every 3,500 Calories That You Burn or Cut

One calculation for the rate of weight loss asserts that dieters will lose a single pound for every 3,500 calories that they cut or burn. Whether you create a 3,500-calorie deficit by running on the treadmill or limiting your portions, you shouldn’t expect to always see change. Weight loss is affected by many factors. For instance, some people have significantly faster or slower metabolisms than others.

You Have to Eat Breakfast to Lose Weight

Recent research has shown that breakfast may not really be the most important meal of the day. If you simply cannot eat first thing in the morning, you should know that eating a big meal early on won’t provide any notable health benefits. WHAT and HOW Much you eat are two factors that will impact weight loss.

Superfoods Guarantee Weight Loss

Superfoods are foods that pack a wealth of health and weight loss benefits. For instance, if you’re taking garcinia cambogia, you can look forward to a more moderate appetite, greater energy and a faster metabolism. Not all superfoods, however, are guaranteed to be equally effective.

Egg Whites Are the Perfect Protein

Called the perfect protein, egg whites are bland and uninteresting. Moreover, the most nutritious part of the egg is the yolk. Although the yolk is high in cholesterol and fat, the fat and cholesterol in egg yolk are good for the body, if eaten in moderation.

High-Protein Diets Are Ideal

The absolute best diet is a balanced diet. Although protein is the primary building block for new muscle development, excess protein is likely to be stored as excess fat. Rather than eliminating certain food groups while loading up on others, establish a balanced eating plan.

Eat More Small-Sized Meals

Eating five to six, small-sized meals is believed to be better than three larger ones, the most effective weight loss strategy is eating to meet your energy needs while exercising regularly. You don’t have to eat constantly to get fit, nor do you have to starve. With the right eating plan and supplements, you can reach your goal weight and maintain it.

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