8 Fashion Trends of the 4th for Music Celebs

8 Fashion Trends of the 4th for Music Celebs

8 Fashion Trends of the 4thPhoto Courtesy of whodesignedthis.net

It’s the 4th of July! Lucky for us, we’re one of the few nations in the world that feels comfortable enough to wear our national flag. So what are you going to wear tomorrow? Which body part should you bedeck with stars and stripes? Check out the Encyclopedia of Music’s 4th of July Fashion Gallery for ideas from music celebs below.


1. Full-body flag

Ladies (or gentlemen) you’ll be ready to hit the town when the fireworks are over tomorrow night in this silky and tight American flag dress that Katy Perry is rocking. Notice how when you wave, the flag waves with you.

Katy Perry American flag dressPhoto Courtesy of filmvz.com 


2. Full-body jumpsuit

Don’t hold back! For those of you not confident enough to rock the bangin’ dress, zip yourself into Justin Bieber’s jumpsuit (make sure he’s not in it first). This is a better option for those cooler summer nights, so if you’re planning on grilling or mingling with the crowd, keep looking.

Justin Bieber American flag jumpsuitPhoto Courtesy of ebay.co.uk


3. Booty shorts

Perfect for a 4th of July BBQ, squeeze into these all-American flag denim shorts! Rihanna completes her outfit with a bikini top for impromptu water fun! Guys, if you’ve got the gams for it, you might be able to pull these off (I mean, on) as well.

Rihanna American flag shortsPhoto Courtesy of glamazonsblog.com


4. American flag pants

Wiz Khalifa pulls off the denim American flag pants with style! Guys, please avoid the Rex-kwando style, as shown on the right. These are not acceptable.

Wiz Khafia Rex Kwondo PantsPhotos Courtesy of aliexpress.com and wrestlingclassics.com

5. Classic tshirt

Simple. Basic. Pair with traditional blue jeans, or white denim in futile attempts to stay cooler than everyone around you. Meek Mil has more of a relaxed gangster look going on with light gray sweatpants.

Meek Mil American FlagPhotos Courtesy of theflagshirt.com and freshandnameless.com

 6. Sweater

Normally, American flag sweaters are reserved for adorable retired couples who fear they might get chilly watching the fireworks. Keep in mind this is knitted sweater Lana Del Rey has on, definitely not a sweatshirt with a press-on flag.

Lana Del Rey american flag sweaterPhoto Courtesy of bleusurblanc.com

 7. Pump

What kind of shoes do you wear on the 4th of July? Well Katy Perry strutted her Patriotic pride in these babies along with the American flag dress, but we won’t call you anti-American if you decide on just the shoes.

American flag pumpPhotos Courtesy of wanelo.com and pinterest.com


8. Sneaker

Perhaps your style is more comfort-driven. These Gola American flag sneakers are your game. Perfect for running, jumping, climbing trees, and dancing.

American Flag SneakersPhoto Courtesy of sarenza.com

Happy Fashion Hunting and Happy 4th of July from FDRMX!

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