8 Tips For Teenagers To Earn Extra Pocket Money

8 Tips For Teenagers To Earn Extra Pocket Money

8 Tips For Teenagers To Earn Extra Pocket Money


We all love money so do teenagers. At this age, most of the times pocket money is not enough to suffice all the needs of teenagers that’s why these tips will help you make some extra bucks if you are in your teenage. You can use this money to buy your favourite gadget, gift your mom, dad or even donate to your favourite charity. So, let’s start it.

Teach Music Lessons – If you are good at singing or playing any musical instrument then you need to consider it as an art to make some side income.

Dog Walker – Sometimes dog owners don’t have enough time to walk their dogs. Especially in winters people get lazy and skip their walking session with their dogs. This is an opportunity for you. Not only will you make some money, but you will also get health benefits from walking with somebody’s dog.

Teach any Language – If you know any foreign language then you can teach little kids or even adults. You can help them in reading, writing and speaking that language.

Sell Baby Pets – If you know how to care and love pets then you can consider growing baby cats, rabbits, puppies and rodents. You can sell them later at a good price.

Make Money Online – If you are little shy and want to make some cash from the comfort of your home then there is a bright scope for you. You may consider writing contents for others, become virtual assistant (there is a huge requirement of VAs among seo agencies), start blogging and earn via Google Adsense, affiliate marketing and other platforms.

Run errands for elderly and busy people – Get groceries for them; help them in getting comfortable with gadgets & electronic devices. Try to maintain good relations with them and they are more likely to give you more service and pay you more.

Become a Sport Coach – If you are good in any sport then consider giving training to small kids. If you can come over to home of those kids and coach them in their backyard then you are more likely to capture customers from your competitors.

Do Assignments – Students from across the world are fed up with the piles of assignments they get from their schools and colleges. I know it sucks to write assignments but when you are being paid then this doesn’t seem boring and tiresome. You will never run out of work and will always be busy with the work.  But make sure while writing plethora of assignments for other don’t hurt your fingers or get wrist tendonitis (a common problem that causes pain around wrist). So be cautious.

Where to find clients?

A Google search and looking around Facebook groups will help you land your first client. You may also put some free classified ads on Internet, post in Facebook groups or distribute pamphlets in newspaper in your neighbourhood. Just be creative with your approach and you can easily get clients for whatever service you are offering.

So these were some tips to get you started with making money. Money you will make from doing these activities will not be much but the experience you will get from doing this will be priceless. This experience would come very useful when you start your own company or business in future.

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