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A New Study Has Thrown Out Everything We Thought We Knew About The Pyramids

A New Study Has Thrown Out Everything We Thought We Knew About The Pyramids
Image: Britannica

15. The Great Pyramids of Egypt

Image: Ancient Origins

The pyramids of Egypt are considered to be one of the greatest wonders of the world. Towering structures that are not only stunning, as they are mysterious, the truth behind their construction continues to confound archaeologists to this day.

However, one new theory by a Welsh engineer could change everything the mainstream has ever believed.

14. Built for Royalty

Image: Ancient Origins

Most of the pyramids that were built in Egypt were designed as elaborate tombs for the Pharaoh’s and their families. Beyond being their final resting places, many of the tombs contained chambers that were filled with jewels and gold that the royal family did not want to part with in the afterlife.

So how were these stunning tombs built? Well, that depends on who you ask…

13. Construction Theories

Image: Hidden Inca Tours

The most popular belief regarding the pyramids and their construction is that they were built by thousands of workers who hauled blocks up ramps. However, this idea, while accepted by the mainstream, is still challenged to this day. This has opened up the door to some wild theories.

You really won’t believe some people take these seriously.

12. Aliens and Time Travelers, Oh My!

Image: Proof of Alien Life

Many Area-51 and Roswell followers believe that the pyramids were built by aliens. This is due to the fact that there are a variety of hieroglyphs within the pyramids that depict alien spacecraft. Another popular theory is that time travelers from the future brought advanced technology to assist with the pyramids. Once again, there is proof of this within the stone etchings in the pyramids which reveal objects from modern times.

However, one man has devised a theory that has sent experts into a complete rage.

11. A Different Approach to the Pyramids

Image: Mirror.Co.Uk

Despite all the current theories floating through the archaeological world, Peter James, a Welsh engineer believes the construction of the pyramids happened quite differently than most believe. In fact, he says the idea that men were able to lift the stones and use ramps to construct the massive structures would have been next to impossible.

10. Debunking the Mainstream

Image: Construction Specifier

Peter James has been studying the pyramids and their construction for nearly 20 years and believes that the major theories being circulated just couldn’t have been accomplished by the Egyptians during that time. Not only would the ramps  have needed to be a quarter mile long, but achieving the correct angles would be quite the difficult task.

9. Not Enough Time

Image: TRVL

“Under the current theories, to lay the two million stone blocks required, the Egyptians would had to have laid a large block once every three minutes on long ramps,” said Peter. Maintaining this type of time table would have proven unrealistic.

‘Therefore, he believes the Egyptians utilized a different method of construction.

8. The Best of the Best

Image: South Whales Argus

Peter along with his team at Cintec International in South Whales have researched many years in an attempt to craft a theory that is more plausible than those currently believed. In fact, Peter works with some of the best in the field who are considered world leaders in restoring ancient sites. Together, they developed a theory that is sending archaeologists into a fervor. We have to admit it seems pretty logical.

7. From the Inside Out

Image: Delange.org

The team has determined that 90% of the current pyramids are simply rubble. Instead of building the pyramids from the outside in, they were actually developed inside out. The tombs and chambers were constructed first, followed by the outer structure. Seems pretty reasonable, right?

6. Severe Backlash

Image: Huffington Post

Of course, this new theory flies in the face of everything mainstream archaeologists believe and is already facing severe backlash. Thankfully, Peter has quite the thick skin and has crafted the perfect question for his naysayers. “if you wanted a house built would you use me or an archaeologist? Archaeologists have never had the engineering experience.”

5. Experienced in Restoration

Image: Britannica

One would think that fellow colleagues would respect Peter’s extensive experience in structural engineering, but sadly it seems people don’t want to open their minds to new ideas. And when it comes to ideas, Peter is one of the most experienced in the field. You won’t believe the amazing project he had the opportunity to work on.

4. Working on the Step and Red Pyramids

Image: Memphis Tours

Peter and has team have had the great privilege of working on the restoration and reinforcement of burial chambers within both the Step and Red Pyramid. It was within these chambers that they discovered something quite remarkable and that served as the basis for their new theory.

3. Weak Reinforcements

Image: Odyssey

According to Peter, they discovered that a large group of stones was being held up by simply the trunk of a palm tree. As they found more of these of these wooden supports, Peter’s mind began to whip up his theory regarding the pyramids being simply rubble.

2. Bucking the System

Image: NYAD

While Peter’s theory is less than ironclad, it does bring to the table an alternative point of view of how these amazing structures came to be. While traditionalists may scoff at his ideas, he definitely deserves credit for standing up to the establishment and their blindly accepted mainstream theories.

1. More Work to Do

Image: The Higher Learning

Peter plans to continue to study the pyramids and hopefully will find more evidence to support his theory. Regardless of the outcome, we believe we are lucky the pyramids exist at all. These amazing structures will forever tower high above, inspiring onlookers to question their existence and ponder amazing new ideas.

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