Aaron Carter: Top 6 Greatest Interview Quotes

Aaron Carter: Top 6 Greatest Interview Quotes

Aaron Carter: Top 6 Greatest Interview Quotes
Aaron Carter: Top 6 Greatest Interview Quotes


Aaron Carter is an American singer and the brother of the famed Backstreet Boy, Nick Carter. He was born in Tampa, Florida and started performing since he was seven years old. He released his self titled debut album in 1997. Here are six of his most memorable interview quotes.

Number Six: Love shouldn’t be about jealousy or anything like that. It should be about commitment and being able to trust that person. If you can’t have that from the get-go, there’s a problem.

These quotes can be quite heavy when you cannot stop imagining the guy as a teenager with long blonde hair. Sure, Aaron Carter is a big boy now but one cannot stop picturing him as a thirteen year old.

Number Five: Music is something that always lifts my spirits and makes me happy, and when I make music I always hope it will have the same effect on whoever listens to it.

I believe his fans will agree to that. His success on the music charts are proof of that even after taking a hiatus so frequently.

Number Four:  I appreciate what I have a lot more than I did when I was younger.

Again, one simply cannot imagine him all grown up and be able to understand what he means by this quote! Time to snap out of it!

Number Three: My career is my girlfriend.

Now isn’t that kind of sad. I’m sure there are many girls out there who would like to change that, Aaron. It is also pretty confusing since he does have a lot to say about love too.

Number Two: When it comes to relationships, I think I’m pretty experienced – you’d be surprised.

But didn’t Aaron Carter just say that his career is his girlfriend? Or maybe a serious one, he means. Who knows? Kids these days are dodgy.

Number One: My favorite thing about being famous… it’s not really as big of a deal as everybody says it is. Being on the road is tough, doing interviews, and all the stuff. It’s still pretty tough.

Bet Aaron Carter still likes it though. All that money coming in shouldn’t be all that troublesome.

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