Aches - Rain (Official Music Video)

Aches – Rain

Aches – Rain

UK based/born producer Aches with his music video Rain on PPcorn.

Recorded in Bratislava and featuring the artist and producer in some beautiful landscapes indeed, the scenery of ‘Rain’ plays ideal accompaniment to the immersive, slightly eerie electronica, while taking his earlier soundscapes towards weirder, though more structured, musical territory.

Starting off with the artist laying on his back in shallow water, we shift through scenes of someone putting their hands in deeper water, and letting the waves time lapse with a slightly jolting feel. We pan out on the artist, who is in a plain white shirt, laying against the dark stones and water, accentuated with bright, saturated green grass. Eventually, he has a black shirt on and is laying on sticks and tree branches instead. The images, especially when we zoom in on his face, are strange and disjointed, and shot in a way that seems vaguely reminiscent of a horror movie. By themselves the images are fine, but they are almost eerie and frightening the way they look disjointed and are put against the music. Every once in a while a stylized image, like a repeating boarder, goes straight through the middle of the screen, and at the beginning and end, there are different videos in the lines of the pattern. All in all, it’s hard to tell if the images make the music creepier, or if the music makes the images creepier in this music video.

Rain. Written and produced by Aches.
Video: Jan Durina, Paula Ďurinová, Monika Bočková, Aches.


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