Action Bronson ft. Chance The Rapper: 'Baby Blue' Single Review

Action Bronson ft. Chance The Rapper: ‘Baby Blue’ Single Review

Action Bronson ft. Chance The Rapper: 'Baby Blue' Single Review

Action Bronson doesn’t necessarily pander to the pop charts. Chef by day, rapper by night, the Flushing, Queens MC is known best for twisting his vulgarity in the most charming of ways as shown on his Blue Chips standout “Thug Love Story 2012.” It’s not that often Bronson would touch at the matters of the heart apart from his over-the-top adventures and nightly escapades with Dominican twins. With his latest album, Mr. Wonderful, shortly on the way, he taps into his romantic side once again with “Baby Blue.” Apart from his previous singles “Easy Rider,” the wild “Actin’ Crazy,” and “Terry,” “Baby Blue” is the one track that has the potential in crossing over.

Backed by production by pop funk wunderkind Mark Ronson and a feature from Chance The Rapper, Bronson uses “Baby Blue” as a continuation of his Thug Love Story series that will be included in the album. It also serves as somewhat as a sequel to the Rare Chandeliers cut, “Bitch I Deserve You;” moving on from the girl he can’t really let go of, but is livid she’s moved on too. “Why you always all on my back?/Why you gotta do me like that?” Bronson sings in the hook to great effect, making the song a wonkier and organic experience. He laments early in his verse about how he once gave her everything and now another person is reaping his rewards. He doesn’t fret, however, since he continues to shine “getting t***** off in the front row of an opera.”

Chano bounces in with a solid verse of his own, wishing the girl in question “well” with lines like, “I hope you never get off on Fridays and you work at a Friday’s where it’s always busy on Fridays.” He blends into Ronson’s soul soaked keys so effortlessly that this song could double as a part of The Social Experiment’s Surf LP. It wouldn’t be surprising if Donnie Trumpet actually aided in the end with a horn solo adding to its jazzy vibe. It is the second collaboration between Bronson and Chance since Acid Rap’s “NaNa,” and I’m hoping that there is more from the two in the near future.

As good as a rapper Bronson is rapping over any beat and about almost anything in one song, he’s so much better when he’s focused and slightly in love. With “Baby Blue,” this song can really break through the Billboard Top 100. It’s a single from two artists that have crossover appeal, and this song is a radio spin away from taking everyone’s hearts one way or another.

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