Adam Lambert: 15 Things You Didn't Know (Part 2)

Adam Lambert: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 2)

Adam Lambert: 15 Things You Didn't Know (Part 2)

Adam Lambert is known for his dramatic performances and skilled singing but isn’t known for the little-known facts that we at PPcorn are sharing today. These are the second group of intriguing things you didn’t know about this glam rocker.

Number Eight: He Toured Worldwide Sooner Than Expected

Many of the American Idol contestants have proven to be quite successful, but in many respects, Lambert was more successful. He was the only contestant in history to tour worldwide after his first album, which is incredibly impressive.

Number Seven: He’s Operatically Trained

After hearing some of his amazing vocals – which are as good as Mercury’s – it may not be of much surprise to hear that Lambert was operatically trained. It’s no wonder he can reach all those crazy high notes!

Number Six: Simon Cowell Gave Him a Standing Ovation

If people know anything about Simon Cowell, it is that he is a hard man to impress. And yet, after Lambert performed Mad World during the competition, he did just that. Simon – and everyone else – gave the performance a standing ovation.

Number Five: Adam Lambert Works for Charities

During his time in the limelight, this singer has definitely given back to his communities. He has raised over a million dollars towards the Trevor Project which helps LGBT rights, and hundreds of thousands of dollars for Charity:Water and Donors Choose.

Number Four: He’s a Dog Person

His whole life, this singer has been a huge dog lover. One of his first pets was named Maggie.

Number Three: He’s Gay, But Also Kisses Girls

Shortly after his run on American Idol, the man came out as gay to the public (through a Rolling Stone interview). Strangely enough, he has been known to also kiss girls from time to time for fun.

Number Two: He’s on Film Soundtracks

Being the talented man that he is, it didn’t take producers very long to want to work with him. Before he got the chance to release his first album, Lambert was asked to record the theme song for the film 2012.

Number One: He Has a Recurring Role on Glee

For anyone who is an Adam Lambert or Glee fan, this is already past news. For most people, however, it may not be known that the man has been on Glee. He even has a recurring role as a rocker on the show.

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