ADHD: 7 Famous People Who Live with This Disorder

ADHD: 7 Famous People Who Live with This Disorder

ADHD: 7 Famous People Who Live with This Disorder

More than half of children diagnosed with ADHD will struggle with this disorder well into their adults years. And some people with this problem don’t receive an official diagnosis until they have reached middle age. There are some names we’ve all heard of who struggle with this issue and have learned to manage it in their adults lives. Here are 7 famous people who live with ADHD.

Number Seven: Michael Phelps

You know him as that famous swimmer who got caught smoking a bong. Apart from this media sensation, he’s also a remarkably talented individual who has struggled with ADHD since his childhood. Swimming has helped him find focus in life.

Number Six: Solange Knowles, an ADHD Sufferer

We know her as Beyonce‘s younger and much less famous sister. She has always been an energetic person, which led a lot of people to think she was using drugs. Not the case, however. She just has a case of ADHD.

Number Five: Ty Pennington

The host of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition has always been on the hyperactive side. When he was a child, he needed crayons and paper to keep his energy at bay. Nowadays, he channels it into helping people improve their houses.

Number Four: Howie Mandel

The famous face of the gameshow Deal or No Deal has struggled with this disorder his entire life. He did not receive a formal diagnosis until he was an adult, and had trouble focusing or even sitting down up until then.

Number Three: James Carville

This man has an unmistakable face and is well known for being involved in politics. He wasn’t always so successful and focused, though. The celebrity initially flunked out of university due to his ADHD.

Number Two: Christopher Knight

This childhood star of the original series, the Brady Bunch didn’t always have the easiest time memorizing his lines, due to his trouble focusing. Nowadays, he’s an advocate for spreading awareness about the disorder and helping others.

Number One: Cammi Granato

The second Olympian on our list, Cammi helped her team to win the gold medal for ice hockey in 1998. Her restlessness contributed to her success on the ice. We hope you found our article interesting and informative, and that you learned a few things. Thanks for reading our list!

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