ADHD: 7 Reasons it isn't the Worst Thing in the World

ADHD: 7 Reasons it isn’t the Worst Thing in the World

ADHD: Top 9 Common Misconceptions You Didn't Know
ADHD: Top 9 Common Misconceptions You Didn't Know

ADHD has been affecting children and adults alike for as long as we can remember. Even though more and more people are being diagnosed with this condition, those who have it still feel alone, and like there is something wrong with it. Everyone always focuses on the bad effects of ADHD, but we are here to reveal the good! Read on to find out why having this condition really isn’t the worst thing in the world!

Number Seven: You Will Always Be Energetic

Paying attention can be difficult, but at least you’ll have energy when you need it! This condition comes with a symptom called hyperactivity, which can sometimes be a problem in daily life. Although, it will work to your benefit when you work out, have to move fast for your job, or need to be productive.

Number Six: You are Uniquely Creative

People who have ADHD are often some of the most creative people you will ever meet. In many situations, having a mind that jumps back and forth between ideas can be a hassle, but you just have to know how to work it. Minds like this excel in careers that involve creativity, like architecture, writing, marketing, or performing.

Number Five: You are Sensitive

Having this condition basically transforms you into an honorary Pisces. If you’re a guy… okay we get it, not everyone likes to be sensitive; but trust us, it really is a blessing. Sensitivity will help your social life by making you a better friend and more intuitive lover, so really it’s worth it in the long run.

Number Four: You are Intuitive

You may not be able to focus on everything that you may need to, but people with ADHD have a unique knack for seeing more than most people can. These people are often extremely descriptive and detail-attentive, and are very talented at reading people.

Number Three: You Go with the Flow

Because most people with this condition are spontaneous, they are exceptional at just going with the flow. Plans change and things go wrong, but these people are up for anything and always see the bright side of any situation. Because of this, they are usually great at problem solving.

Number Two: You are Enthusiastic

Everybody loves a person who can keep a genuine smile on their face 24/7, and that is definitely you. Because a mind with ADHD is constantly moving at an increased rate, you tend to be more excitable than the average grump. You may get a little impulsive sometimes, but this can definitely be used to your advantage.

Number One: The ADHD “Super Focus”

Many people with ADHD have discovered a remarkable ability called “super focus”. Many people often assume that people with this condition are completely unable to focus, but they really just need to get interested. Once they set their mind on a topic that speaks to them, they can focus like a laser beam. We hope you enjoyed our list of the seven reasons ADHD isn’t the worst thing in the world!

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