ADHD: 7 Signs that Your Child Could Have It

ADHD: 7 Signs that Your Child Could Have It

ADHD: 7 Signs that Your Child Could Have It

ADHD (or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) is a complicated issue that can affect a person’s ability to function in a variety of success in school and with interpersonal relationships. Usually, the disorder is diagnosed by the time a child reaches their teenage years. There are some unmistakable symptoms of the disorder and others that are hard to decipher. Either way, being aware of them can help you know what to keep an eye out for. Here are seven signs that your child could have it.

Number Seven: Self-Centeredness

A symptom of the disorder is a person’s trouble considering the needs or wants of others. They may interrupt other people while they’re talking or have trouble waiting for their turn while playing a game.

Number Six: Emotional Outbursts

A child with this disorder will likely have trouble keeping both positive and negative emotions in control. This can lead to sudden outbursts.

Number Five: Trouble Sitting Still Could Mean ADHD

Kids who have ADHD have trouble still a lot of the time. They may run around a lot or move constantly when they are instructed to sit down.

Number Four: Starting Things but Not Finishing Them

They may show interest in a wide variety of activities or hobbies, which is normal. It could be a signal of the disorder, however, if your child doesn’t see any of these projects or activities through to the end.

Number Three: A Hard Time Repeating Things Back

Paying attention isn’t easy for kids with ADHD, even when you speak directly to them. Often times, they will claim to have been listening, but not be able to repeat what you just told them.

Number Two: Careless Mistakes

Children with this disorder are not less intelligent or lazy. The problem is, they have trouble following instructions. This could lead to simple mistakes.

Number One: ADHD Doesn’t Always Mean Loud

Another sign that could point to the disorder is quietness and daydreaming often. Kids with ADHD often get lost in their own worlds, and this could mean extroverted loudness or introverted quietness. Only a medical professional can tell you what it means for sure. Thanks for reading.

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