Adrian Sieber - Hurts So Good (Official Music Video)

Adrian Sieber – Hurts So Good

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Pain is the new pleasure in this music video for Hurts So Good by Adrian Sieber. A few scattered home movies from under the Tuscan sun make up this song that seems to cherish the bad times of a relationship almost more than the good times. Images of lighthearted of swimming in the ocean, walking around corner stores, and two cats playing with each other clash thematically with the dark nature of the lyrics.
In actuality, the film was pieced together from Adrian Sieber’s family trip to Italy. If that’s not a relaxing shooting schedule, then FDRMX doesn’t know what is. The video is more than just a random collection of snapshots thrown together, however. The editing and old, Super 8 look of the footage comes across as a collection of memories from the relationship being sung. For more information on this video and the artist behind it, be sure to check out our exclusive interview with Adrian Sieber.

Filmed by Adrian Sieber, Kat & Ada Fischer
Edited by Anna-Lena Holm for Adoro Artes
© 2014 Gadget Records
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