Adrian Sieber - Round Round Song (Official Music Video)

Adrian Sieber – Round Round Song

Swiss singer Adrian Sieber’s music video for “Round Round Song” is playfully peppy series of instant replays peppered Easter egg surprises and subliminal messages. The song definitely pulls more towards his synth pop, early 80’s new wave, early 90’s Madchester, rather than his shoegazing work, and the video matches perfectly. Filmed with a mix of black and white shots, colored shots, and shots with filters, techniques and tricks make words fall off the pages of a book, allow a man to jump into a mug, enable Adrian’s torso, legs and head to dance separately (as in severed), and prevent wine from ever filling up the glass. Adrian and his lady love play throughout the whole video. She shoots an apple off a book on his head, he throws books as if they were knives around her, making them imbed into the wall. They play strip poker dressed as a pastor and a nun. At a retro beach carnival she splits him in to two (literally, two of him appear) with an axe. See all the hidden treats in this music video for yourself!

Directed by Danila for Kino Pravda & Toma 78

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