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After Breaking Into Goat Farm, Baby Monkey is Adopted by Nanny Goat

After Breaking Into Goat Farm, Baby Monkey is Adopted by Nanny Goat
Image: YouTube CCTV News

Friendships in the animal kingdom often cross species lines, such as when a dog befriends a horse, but what about a monkey and a goat? That phenomenon has happened in China’s Jiangxi Province and you won’t believe the pairing!

16. A New Family

Image: YouTube CCTV News

A baby monkey was separated from its parents and has found a new adoptive mother, a goat. The monkey snuck into farmer Zhong Shu’s goat farm and made itself at home, clinging to the goat’s neck.

15. Making the Discovery

Image: YouTube CCTV News

The farmer found the baby monkey while tending to his flock, and shared the pairing with the news station CCTV News. The goat just preferred to hang out with his goats in Huangtian Village in Tonguu County and he found the sight incredible.

14. Calming Friends

Image: YouTube CCTV News

The goats have a calming presence on the little guy and the farmer says the little monkey refuses to move from the goats. “Every time I came to shut goats in the fold at night, I found the monkey was either on the back of this goat or that goat. I tried to feed bananas to the monkey, but it did not eat and held on to the goat tightly.”

13. Holding Tight

Image: YouTube CCTV News

Holding tight to his chosen goat friend, the little monkey goes on a ride this way or that way while the goats graze. The goats don’t seem phased either and have adopted the monkey into their flock it seems.

12. Goats Preferred

Image: YouTube CCTV News

The monkey weighs about 3 kilograms or 6.6 pounds. He first ran when Mr. Zhong discovered him and clung to the back of one of the goats. Since then, he’s preferred to nestle on their neck.

11. Close to the Goats

Image: YouTube CCTV News

When the farmer found the monkey on a piece of wood, he had no idea that the little creature would be so close with his goats. They spend all day and night together, and he loves one nanny goat the most.

10. Rescue

Image: YouTube CCTV News

Although this pairing is adorable, the baby monkey needs to be with a facility or group that can take care of him properly. Since the monkey refuses to eat, it was important that he be rescued. Luckily when the news hit, a rescue organization was eager to help.

9. Tonggu County Wildlife Protection Station

Image: YouTube CCTV News

Tonggu County Wildlife Protection Station will transfer the monkey to a zoo for a while, and then when it’s old enough to be let alone, it will be released back to the woods. This is probably the best chance for the monkey to grow up healthy and strong!

8. Monkey and Primate Friendships

Image: Animals Look

Monkeys and primates are some of the most common animals to form friendships, according to research. Professor Lauren Brent has studied animal friendship, in particular, that of monkeys, and shared her findings with PBS for the series Nature: Animal Odd Couples. Brent says that monkeys who form the strongest friendships often have more offspring and live longer. It seems primates of all kinds love to form bonds with other species.

7. Mubi, Iain, and Daisey

Image: YouTube Amazing Animals

Mubi is an endangered drill monkey who was born at Canterbury, Kent’s Port Lympne Animal Park. When she was rejected by her parents, the zookeeper Simon Jeffrey raised her himself, even taking her home to see his two Jack Russell puppies, Iain and Daisey.

6. Suriya and Roscoe

Image: Amazon

Suriya the orangutan and Roscoe the Bluetick Hound aren’t just famous buddies, they’re co-authors as well. Sorta. The two became fast friends after Roscoe followed volunteers from The Institute of Greatly Endangered and Rare Species (TIGERS) in Myrtle Beach. Their story went viral and was chronicled in the book Suryia And Roscoe.

5. Bam Bam and Vali

Image: Pinterest

Bam Bam the bear and Vali the chimp were introduced at the Myrtle Beach Safari Park and became fast friends. The two baby animals were friends for quite a while until the zookeepers were concerned about Bam Bam’s size, as he would grow 9 times the size of the chimp. Both animals are doing well.

4. Kimon and her Cat

Image: YouTube Barcroft TV

Photographer Yuli Seperi captured images of Kimon the monkey mothering a cat in Indonesia, near Sumatra. The monkey even grooms the fur of the cat and has since she was a kitten. She loves to carry the cat around like her own child and the two cuddle up.

3. Niv and Chicken

Image: ABC News

Yes, animal friendships for monkeys can include all kinds of species. Take this pair, a monkey and a chicken. When a chicken wandered into the Ramat Gan Safari near Tel Aviv, Israel, the Macaque immediately adopted it. The zookeepers say they’re inseparable now.

2. Rusinka and Fyodor

Image: ABC News

Here’s a picture you won’t believe. The cat lets the baby monkey climb on her like a kitten and provided comfort after he was abandoned by his mother at a Russian zoo. The sweet cat is 16-year-old Rosinka who took to the monkey immediately when her owner put the monkey on her back, helping the creature get a constant body temperature of 38-39 degrees, which is vital for his health.

1. Liberia Chimpanzee Rescue and Princess

Image: The Dodo

Jenny and Jimmy Desmond, the owners of the Liberia Chimpanzee Rescue, have an amazing rescue dog named Princess. Princess helps comforts the primates when they’re rescued. Her sweet disposition and calm nature make a perfect nursemaid for these scared rescue chimps who have lost their families due to the illegal pet trade.

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