After The Death Of Her Owner, This Sad & Overwieght Corgi-Chihuahua Mix Dropped 10 Pounds To Get A New Home | PPcorn

After The Death Of Her Owner, This Sad & Overwieght Corgi-Chihuahua Mix Dropped 10 Pounds To Get A New Home

After The Death Of Her Owner,  This Sad & Overwieght Corgi-Chihuahua Mix Dropped 10 Pounds To Get A New Home

When an overweight Corgi was brought into a local animal shelter everyone was shocked. She was incredibly overweight and it was poorly impacting her health. Shelter workers knew they had to help her, so they devised a plan to help her lose weight. You won’t believe the transformation she underwent!

20. Surrendered

Image: The Dodo

Meet Miss Butterworth, a corgi-Chihuahua mix that was surrendered to the Asheville Humane Society. Her owner sadly passed away and Miss Butterworth had nowhere to live. It was a sad situation…

19. Shocked

Image: Facebook/Asheville Humane Society

Shelter workers were pretty shocked, however, when Miss Butterworth made her appearance at the shelter. As a corgi-Chihuahua mix workers were expecting a pretty small dog. However, that’s not what they saw.

18. Overweight

Image: Asheville Humane Society

The pooch that was brought to them happened to be incredibly overweight for her size. In fact, she was classified as morbidly obese as she was over 20 pounds overweight. It was shocking to the staff!

17. Difficulties


For a dog so tiny, it was extremely difficult for Miss Butterworth to move around and carry her weight. It was impacting her health in the worst way possible. Shelter staff knew this wasn’t good…

16. Better Life

Image: Facebook/Asheville Humane Society

Shelter staff knew that for Miss Butterworth to live a healthy and happy life she would have to drop some weight. Their initial goal was to help her lose around 10 pounds. So the plan began!

15. Foster Home

Image: The Dodo

Shelter workers found Miss B a wonderful foster home where she could stay until she was adopted. The foster couple that took her in, Sharon and Barry, began to take Miss B out for some daily walks. However, they made sure to ease her into it.

14. Slow Progress

Image: Facebook/Asheville Humane Society

Each day, Miss B was able to walk a bit further than she did the day before. Her foster parents were so proud of her progress. Then they decided to find a new exercise routine that she fell in love with even more.

13. Swimming

Image: Facebook/Asheville Humane Society

Eventually, Sharon and Barry began to take Miss B out to the local lake for a swim. They began to do anything that they could to help make losing weight easier for the sweet pooch. During the process, Miss B managed to become a local star!

12. Local Celebrity

Image: Facebook/Asheville Humane Society

Throughout her weight loss process, Miss B happened to catch the eye of the local community. Soon everyone was invested in her weight loss program. But how did people find out about her in the first place?!

11. Events

Image: The Dodo

Miss B and her foster parents were quite the social pair and they could often be spotted at many local events in the area. Miss B was able to capture the hearts of so many people when she was introduced to them. Eventually, this led to some big opportunities.

10. TV Appearances


Soon Miss B was booking radio and television appearances. Everyone fell in love with Miss B’s great attitude and how dedicated she was to losing weight. She was becoming a real idol to many!

9. Following Along

Image: Facebook/Asheville Humane Society

Everyone wanted to follow along with Miss B’s weight loss challenge. People would check in to see how Miss B was doing. Everyone was rooting for her!

8. Changes

Image: The Dodo

Finally, after weeks of exercising and putting in the work, Miss B began to lose weight. She eventually looked like a completely different dog. No one could believe their eyes…

7. Forever Home

Image: The Dodo

Miss B was finally at a healthy weight and it was time for the shelter to start opening up the adoption process for her. Everyone wanted a chance to adopt the sweet Miss B and the shelter had to narrow down the selections. Eventually, there were 4 contenders left.

6. Bad News

Image: Facebook/Asheville Humane Society

However, in the process of this Miss B underwent a check-up and a cancerous lump was discovered. Everything was halted while Miss B underwent surgery to have the mass lump removed. So what happened next?!

5. Removed

Image: Facebook/Asheville Humane Society

The lump was successfully removed and then Miss B got the most surprising news of all. She was completely cancer-free as the lump hadn’t spread anywhere else. Miss B was completely healthy and everyone was so happy to hear it!

4. Selected

Image: The Dodo

Paula and Daryl Fox were especially elated to hear the good news as they soon found out that they had been selected as Miss B’s new family. “We were on cloud nine after receiving the news of being chosen,” Paula Fox told The Dodo. “Asheville Humane Society also helped the other three final families chosen for her adoption find a fur baby for their family at no charge to them.”

3. Following The Story

Image: Facebook/Asheville Humane Society

The couple had been following Miss B’s story and they were blown away by her tenacity. They had lost a dog a few years back and were finally ready to open up their home to a new pup. Miss B was the perfect fit for them.

2. Enjoying Life

Image: The Dodo

Miss B is enjoying her new life at her new home and is happier than ever. The couple has been helping Miss B maintain her new weight and Miss B also has a new brother, Winston Thomas. Playing with Winston has helped her stay active.

1. Sweet Pup

Image: The Dodo

She loves to just be with her family,” Fox said. “[Miss B] is so gentle with her brother Winston Thomas, who is 16. She really looks out for him!” Miss B is living out her best and we couldn’t be happier for her!

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