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After This Kitten Lost His Mother, He Went to a Surprising New Home.

After This Kitten Lost His Mother, He Went to a Surprising New Home.
Image: realch3 on Imgur

18. Chutney

Image: Kitten Academy

Just before Christmas in 2016, a pregnant female cat named Chutney was rescued by a place called On Angels Wings. Chutney needed help and was going to give birth but something was wrong. The staff of On Angels Wings rushed her to the vet…

17. Charlie

Image: realch3 on Imgur

Chutney sadly didn’t survive, but Charlie, her kitten did. He was a little furry miracle and needed around-the-clock care without his mother. A foster mother stepped in to take care of the little kitten and fed him every few hours.

16. Kitten Care

Image: Wessex Scene

Charlie went everywhere in a little carrier with his new foster mom, and she gave him the love and care he needed to thrive. But there was a problem — he needed to get a new home.

15. Needing a Friend

Image: Kitten Academy Twitter

Kittens and cats are social creatures, and s they need to socialize if possible. If Charlie was going to find an adapter, he needed to get used to other cats. The foster mother needed a new place for Charlie. Luckily, she knew just the place.

14. Off to the Academy

Image: Kitten Academy

The foster mother and on Angels Wings worked with a couple who ran a kitten foster home called Kitten Academy. Kitten Academy would be a perfect spot for the tiny kitten, especially since there were multiple cats there.

13.Kitten Academy

Image: Kitten Academy

At the time, there were multiple cats referred to as the “faculty” by Kitten Academy and its fans. The cats were the pets of the couple, known as Mr. A and DJ. The faculty job was o teach the “kittens to cat” but something else made the Kitten Academy really special…

12. Kittens…Live

Image: Boing Boing

Kitten Academy had something to offer that other foster homes didn’t: a livestream. At any time, an animal lover could log on to YouTube and watch the kittens play. Several cameras were in the house….and so was the perfect mom cat for Charlie.


Image: Kitten Academy

Kitten Academy tends to take pregnant cats and foster the resulting litters. When Charlie arrived, they had a female named Arial after the font of the same name. Arial had a litter of kittens each named after fonts: Baskerville, WingDings, Garamond, and Chauncery. Could she have room for one more?

10. A New Family

Image: Kitten Academy

Charlie had had a lot to learn from his new foster mom, and luckily she took to him like he was her own. It was time for him to learn how to eat real food, play, and explore!

9.Charlie and the Fonts

Image: Kitten Academy Twitter

When Charlie arrived at Kitten Academy, he was about 4 weeks ld but his new littermates were 2.5 weeks. Charlie had to learn how t play nicely with them and it was still worrisome if they were going to get along.

8.New Fans

Image: Kitten Academy

Charlie quickly captured the hearts of the Kitten Academy fans. Fans loved watching him play, eat and run around the room. Kitten Academy would share videos of the kittens and people from all over the world would watch. Including his future adopter…

7.Charlie’s New Home

Image: Kitten Academy Twitter

Charlie couldn’t stay at Kitten Academy even though many fans thought he should. The point of fostering is to give kittens a temporary home, ensure they’ve taken care of, then find them a permanent loving home. Who would take Charlie?

6. A Surprise

Image: Kitten Academy Twitter

The fans wanted to know who the new home would be and thought it might be revealed as the owner of Kitten Academy or maybe his former foster mom. But no one suspected who it would be…

5. The Adoption Reveal

Image: Kitten Academy Twitter

The adoption reveal was made public on the livestream. Charlie’s adopter wouldn’t be D.J or anyone even in state of Illinois. Nope, Charlie was going to Texas as a special surprise.

4. Brian

Image: Kitten Academy Twitter

A longtime Kitten Academy fan named Brian knew his wife was in the love with the little orange tabby. He wanted to have Charlie as a surprise for her so he put in an application and waited.

3. Flight

Image: Kitten Academy

Brian flew tIllinois in March to pick up Charlie after telling his wife he was going to work. His wife, Lauren, was at the vet office where she worked. It was a sad day for the Kitten Academy fans to see Charlie go, including for the owners, but they knew it was a good home…

2. Lauren’s Reaction

Image: CharweeMonster Twitter

After Brian returned hme t Texas with Charlie, he waited for Lauren to get home, then surprised her with the kitten. Lauren cried immediately upon seeing her favorite Kitten Academy pupil. It was apparent: Charlie had found his new permanent home.

1. Charlie’s New Life

Image: Charwee Monster Twitter

Charlie had a home with two cats named Zephyr and Zorro. And better yet, his fans could follow him on Twitter at @CharweeMnster. Charlie got over 1,500 followers on his first day and is one of the most famous Kitten Academy alumni. Since Charlie, multiple “classes” of cats and kittens have come to the Academy.

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