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After Two Years, Family Realizes That Pet Dog Is Actually Is A Bear

After Two Years, Family Realizes That Pet Dog Is Actually Is A Bear

How many times have you mistaken a bear for a dog or vice versa? Well, one family in China seemed to have a serious dilemma when they realized that their cuddly dog wasn’t a dog at all. This soon ended in a very shocking way…

20. A Family


A family from Yiliang County, in southwest China’s Yunnan Province was driving on a road when he noticed that a man was selling something odd. The family decided to stop on the curb and check out what was going on.

19. Pulling Over


The driver had gotten out of her car and found that the man was trying to sell an animal. More specifically, he was trying to sell a dog. The driver was immediately interested.

18. A Purchase


The driver, Su Mu,  purchased the puppy that she presumed to be a dog. The seller had told her that the animal was a Tibetan Mastiff. So Su Mu didn’t question it and took the tiny animal home.

17. Going Home

Image: PawCulture

So Su Mu put the ‘puppy’ in her car and started to drive back home with her family. However, she soon started to notice that her dog was acting strangely…

16. Big Appetite

Image: Wildscreen Arkive

One of the weirdest things that Su Mu first noticed was the dog’s hearty appetite. The dog would eat “a box of fruits and two buckets of noodles every day,” she explained. However, those weren’t the only strange signs.

15. Odd Behavior


Su Mu also began to notice that her dog wasn’t displaying very dog-like behavior. He never barked, wouldn’t wag his tail, and just didn’t act like the typical dog. Then things got even more concerning…

14. Getting Big


As each year passed, Su Mu also started noticing that her dog was getting pretty big. In fact, after just two years of taking care of him, the dog had surpassed her in weight and size. That’s when she started to realize that this was no Mastiff…

13. Realization

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Eventually, Su Mu began to realize that this was no dog. This animal had a love for walking on two feet and was only getting bigger as each day passed. She was really starting to worry.

12. A Bear

Image: People

The more he grew, the more like a bear he looked,” said Su Mu. “I am a little scared of bears.” Even though Su Mu loved her bear, she knew that she couldn’t keep him any longer. You won’t believe what she did next…

11. Phone Call


So Su Mu made a difficult phone call to the forest protection department. She alerted them to the situation and only wanted help to have him removed from the house.

10. Wildlife Protection Center

Image: Bored Panda

The Wildlife Protection Center promptly arrived at Su Mu’s home. They quickly placed the bear into a cage for him to be carefully transported to another location. So what kind of bear had Su Mu been taking care of this whole time?

9. Endangered


The rescuers soon informed Su Mu of the kind of bear that she had been caring for. It turned out to be an endangered Asiatic black bear. You won’t believe how much he weighed when the protection center came for him!

8. Big Bear

Image: Bored Panda

When the Wildlife Protection Center had arrived at the scene, they were standing face-to-face with a 250lb bear. They couldn’t believe that Su Mu had taken care of him for so long without any problems!

7. Intimidated


Even though the bear had been living with the family for 2 years, the rescuers were still pretty intimidated by. Given its huge size, they didn’t know how the bear would react to them…

6. Sedated


In order to prevent any possible injuries, the rescue team sedated the black bear before placing him in the cage. Now, the bear is being transported to the Yunnan Wildlife Rescue Centre, where he will be taken care of.

5. Simple Mistake


Although it might not seem like an easy mistake to make, Su Mu and her family weren’t the first to mistake a black bear for a dog. Something quite similar happened in another small village in China.

4. Small Village

Image: Care2

In March, local media from the Yunnan province reported a very similar story to Su Mu’s. A man in the village had been raising a bear that he too thought was a dog. It seems to be an easy mistake to make.

3. Raising It

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The man had spotted what he thought was a dog roaming out in the forest. In order to help it out, the man brought it into his house and began to raise it. Then he also started to notice that the ‘dog’ wasn’t behaving like one.

2. The Harsh Truth

Image: Bored Panda

Eventually, the man realized that this was no stray dog and was in fact a bear. He called protection services to have it removed and it was brought back into the wild.

1. Healthy

Image: VOA Learning English

Luckily, both of these bears are living in better suited conditions and are both healthy. It is also lucky that the people that raised them were fortunate enough not to get hurt in the process!

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