Age of Consent - The Beach (Official Music Video)

Age of Consent – The Beach

The electronic, rock sort of sound that Age of Consent puts together in “The Beach” is strangely catchy and reminiscent of an update of grunge rock bands in the 80s. The video features a small, dingy apartment where a man is alone, doing mundane, everyday things – boiling water to cook with, washing dishes, sitting and watching TV. Intermittently we cut to the band performing inside of the same apartment with the same dull lighting, which adds to the esoteric feel of the track. Eventually the man in the apartment reaches into the TV and passes out – and appears to wash up on a beach. We see him walking up from the water onto land picking up a pair of strange goggles that were being advertised on the television earlier. He meets a beautiful woman on the boardwalk, and they spend some time together before she walks into the surf and he follows.

Director: Gareth Phillips
Producer: Kirstie Fleck
Featuring: Ross Morton & Emma Sudall
Dp – Sy Turnbul
Focus puller – Ghandi@filmband
Camera assistant – Matt King
Grip – Stefano Margaritelli
Glasses by Ewen Thompson
Art direction – Darren Cullen
Art assistant – Gary Barber
Graphics – George Voke
Story board artist – Angela Phillips

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