Alameda - New Leaf (Official Music Video)

Alameda – New Leaf

Taking an interesting perspective on the theme of “turning a new leaf”, the crew at Denver’s Legwork Studios brings Alameda’s song “New Leaf” to life through this uniquely animated music video. Following a family of wolves through their quest for survival in the winter, the light vocals and banjo plucking of Alameda’s New Leaf is a tune fit to narrate many a ‘seasonal story (their album is after all titled Seasons/Spectres!)

Taking us from winter to spring, the pace of the animation goes exceptionally well with the pace of the song and its lyrical content, so much so that at certain points you may be overcome with the desire to reach out and cuddle with these animated wolves. Using digital rotoscoping over 3D animation, the animators at Legwork studio’s goal was to “combine the hand-made feel of painting with the perfection of 3D camera movement and environments”— How do you think they did?


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