Alessia Cara: 15 Interesting Facts You Didn't Know

Alessia Cara: 15 Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know

Alessia Cara: 15 Interesting Facts You Didn't Know

Canadian singer and songwriter Alessia Cara burst onto the scene this year with her debut single, “Here.” While she has since spent a lot of time in the spotlight, there are still some things about her that many people do not know. With that in mind, here we present our list of 15 things you probably didn’t know about Alessia Cara.

Number Fifteen: Her Ideal Canadian Collaboration Would Be With…

Forget Celine Dion – Cara wants to collaborate with Drake. And we definitely can’t blame her.

Number Fourteen: Her First Live Show Sold Out

The singer was playing in Brooklyn, and the show actually sold out! However, considering so many people in Brooklyn have their finger on the up-and-coming, she must have realized what a good sign this was.

Number Thirteen: She Writes Most of Her Songs on a Ukulele

It’s true. Though the ukulele has come under fire for being too twee, she embraces its sound.

Number Twelve: She Used to Be in the Closet

Well, sort of. Cara used to write her songs in the closet of her bedroom. She did this so her dad could still watch television without being interrupted by her making music.

Number Eleven: She Is a Fan of Friends

The 19-year-old has admitted that she has seen the entire series about five different times. The tv show, which stopped airing in 2004, has a cult following.

Number Ten: She Has a Stash of Her Own Baby Teeth

Though some people might find this strange, she has reportedly kept her baby teeth in her bedroom since she began collecting them as a kid. Hey, maybe this is just another expression of her creativity!

Number Nine: She Knows How to Reflect

Rather than focus on the negative, Cara maintains positivity by writing down every good thing that happens to her. She takes those good things and then puts them in a jar. At the end of the year, she pulls out every good thing and reads them so she can reflect on everything that has happened to her that she can be thankful for.

Number Eight: Alessia Cara Is Pretty Shy

Cara got her start on YouTube, where people can upload videos of themselves without performing in front of a live audience. Cara has said that she used YouTube to get feedback without having to deal with the nerves of people listening to her sing in front of her.

Number Seven: She Does Not Have any Connections

Most of Cara’s family was surprised to see her hit it big because she does not have a single family member in the industry. This goes against many up-and-coming stories of stars when they are young and have at least one relative who can introduce them to producers.

Number Six: She Sang With Taylor Swift

Cara performed with Swift in front of 55,000 people. She said that Swift was extremely nice to her, and she got a robe with “1989” emblazoned on it. She got the gig after contacting Swift directly.

Number Five: She Is Not Trying to Be Flashy

Cara has said that she is “not good at fashion,” so she is in no way trying to be the next Lady Gaga or Katy Perry. She likes being more low-key with what she does, and she would rather focus on her music than her clothing.

Number Four: She Can Do Really Good Impressions

Cara can mimic Lorde, Ariana Grande, and Iggy Azalea almost perfectly! Impressive.

Number Three: Alessia Cara Has Only Been to One Concert

And it was a Justin Bieber concert, too! She says that the only reason she went is because her friend had an extra ticket.

Number Two: She Started Playing Music When She Was 10 Years Old

According to Alessia Cara, her parents gifted her a guitar when she was 10, and the rest is history. She started taking lessons, but eventually she just taught herself.

Number One: Her Goal is to Empower

Cara wants to communicate to young people with her music the message that it’s OK to be you. She has made a point of not making music that is overly dramatic or “convoluted.” You do you, Alessia!

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