Alex Dutty - Proud to be White

Alex Dutty – Proud to be White

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Proud to be White” by Alex Dutty addresses the issue of racism and what it has become in recent years – the fact that the artist is white and putting out a rap song. The lyrics mention accusations of people saying that white artists that rap are “trying to be black”, and then ask the question of why things like baggy jeans have to be an allusion to  the fact that he wishes he was black. Dutty asks why can’t he just be white and like to dress how he likes to dress without racial stereotypes coming into it, and the young man in the video struggles with his image until eventually he comes to accept himself. With difficult images like flags burning and nazi symbolism, this music video addresses issues that most people pretend don’t exist or try to ignore.   It’s a strong, often overlooked message, and that really makes it stand out as a production.

Written and Performed by Alex Dutty
Directed by King M
Composed by Kieran Skye
Mixed by John Robinson and Kieran Skye
Mastered by Blue Pro


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