Alex Rodriguez: 15 Things You Didn't Know (Part 1)

Alex Rodriguez: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 1)

baseball Alex Rodriguez: 15 Things You Didn't Know (Part 1)

Alex Rodriguez is one of the most divisive athletes in recent American sports. Accusations of his steroid use have made him a pariah at times. But his incredible offensive output has made him a valuable baseball asset at other. Love him or hate him, here are fifteen pieces of trivia about the Yankee.

Number Fifteen: He Was Born in New York. Though he is often associated with Miami – which is where he spent much of his early life – Alex was born in New York City. He moved from there to the Dominican Republic before his family settled in Miami. But Yankee fans, rejoice: you’ve technically got a hometown kid.

Number Fourteen: He Co-Wrote Two Children’s Books. Surprise! They’re both about baseball. His two children’s books are “Hit a Grand Slam” and “Out of the Ballpark.”

Number Thirteen: He Has Dated Many Celebrities. Rodriguez has been linked romantically with Madonna, Cameron Diaz and Kate Hudson, to name a few.

Number Twelve: He Was Raised by a Single Mother. His father left when he was only nine, leaving his mother to raise her three children by herself.

Number Eleven: He Has the Most Home Runs of Any Hispanic Player. Ever. This is quite the accomplishment, especially given the incredible amount of talent in Major League Baseball that has come out of Central and South America for the past several decades.

Number Ten: He Ranks Fourth All-Time for Career Home Runs. It’s difficult to imagine outdoing the previous statistic with an even more impressive one, but this might just do it. He has the most career home runs of any player currently in Major League Baseball, but the fact that he is the fourth highest of all-time puts him in another league – no pun intended – than his contemporaries.

Number Nine: He’s Been Playing Professionally for Over 20 Years. Alex Rodriguez was drafted in June of 1993. That was 23 years ago. He was the first pick selected in the 1993 draft, chosen by the Seattle Mariners (where how would play for years before moving to the Texas Rangers). That’s all for now… check back soon for more A-Rod info.

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