Alexy - Dirtier (Official Music Video)

Alexy – Dirtier

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Canadian singer and songwriter Alexy throws a wild disco of a white party in his music video for “Dirtier.” Why a white party – why, that’s the best color to make dirtier! Shot in stop-motion, the live action video flows disjointedly, focused on the five piece band, dressed in white playing matte white instruments in the center of the shot, while young women in white leotards walk on and off screen performing various tasks that make the band’s lovely white get ups dirty. At first when the team of eight women come in to the frame, it looks like everyone is going to have a good time dancing (with a disco ball sparkling overhead). After a brief interlude, the walk off screen and return smiling with matte white bottles – drinks perhaps, as they cheers each other with smiles on their faces. The empty the bottles all over the band – splattering bright colors all over their nice white clothes and gear. That’s just the beginning; watch “Dirtier” yourself and see how else the girls dirty up the band (hint: water guns, bikes, and catapults are involved).

Written and Directed by Y Lo Bono:
Production assistants: Francis Lecompte-Turcotte, Étienne Dagenais, Camille Guérer, Hubert Auger, Liam Pelchat
Makeup: Marilyn Dumont
Producers: A & Y – C Style

Download the song here:

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