“Hello World” by Aloe Blacc Restores Faith in Humanity

“Hello World” by Aloe Blacc Restores Faith in Humanity

Aloe Blacc’s “Hello World” Video Will Restore Your Faith in HumanityPhoto Courtesy of Wikipedia

Helping Avicci gain some fame, getting Kevin Garnett in the zone, and being an all around smooth operator has kept Aloe Blacc pretty busy these past few months. Nevertheless, his latest Music VideoHello World (The World is Ours)” is an emotional joy to watch and will hopefully elevate him in the public consciousness enough so that he won’t be known as “that guy from the Avicci song”.

Those who enjoy anthology films like “Love Actually” and “New York I Love You” will find this video very much to their liking. Despite the song starting up with an energetic tune the beginning of the video is pretty dreary. A group of imposing figures with their hoods up spread across the city for imposing something really awful is about to happen. Two knock on the door of a lonely old man while two others begin to spray paint a wall. Elsewhere a few others grab many different items while a worried cashier looks on while outside a final figure brandishes what looks like a knife to a woman with a stroller. And then, when everything looks hopeless, something extraordinary happens.

Throughout all of this, Blacc croons the lyrics in his miraculous voice while teleporting between the hallway of a rundown apartment and the stage of a deserted church.  Blacc’s lyrics offer a prevailing hope throughout the ominous events depicted. “The past is over/its time for us to come together and make the future right/I had an epiphany one night/looking at the endless star filled sky/The world is ours.”

It’s clear that Blacc knows how to uplift his listeners without ever shying away from the dark aspects of life. That skill is on full display here. Even though Blacc’s choice language is simple the song still feels profound and emotional. It’s a true gift that the man is able to keep his message accessible without compromising the raw emotion felt. We don ‘t mean to gush too hard over the man’s talent, but there’s a reason his career has ignited as much as it has.

Want to know if there’s hope to be had in his video? Check it out right here. And stay tuned for more FDRMX updates on Aloe Blacc’s promising music.

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