American Eagle: Top 7 Craziest Facts You Need To Know

American Eagle: Top 7 Craziest Facts You Need To Know

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If you’re anything like to me, then you’ll want to know about some of the craziest facts about your nicest retailer. But first, admit falling in love with the American Eagle Outfitters from age 12 to around 22, but there are. We dwell on that here. Grab some popcorn!

Number Seven: You Find The In-Store Videos Funny. So Do They!

Ask any AE employee and they’ll admit that, just like you, they enjoy making fun of those damn videos installed in their stores. Now that’s even funnier, isn’t it?

Number Six: You Can Always Ask Them To Turn It Down For You

The music at AE stores is loud, but that doesn’t mean you can’t say anything about it. If you ask them to turn it down, they surely will.

Number Five: Changing A Burned-Out Light Bulb Is A Scary Adventure Over There

As you would expect for a nice store, AE ladders are very tall, and you need to climb up one of them to replace an obsolete light bulb. Sounds like going up the heavens on a ladder, right?

Number Four: They Know When You Wear Their Clothes And Then Return Them

Some people will buy and wear clothes for days, and then return them and ask for a refund. As much as it’s crazy, the employees at AE will know your game, but they’re cool enough not to yell at you for it. They simply take the clothes to the backroom and mark them “unsellable.”

Number Three: The Employees Aren’t Forced To Wear American Eagle Stuff, But They All Do!

If you’re an employee at AE, you get your cloth purchases at a 40% discount. So you won’t want to buy stuff anywhere else but from your employer. Simple, smart logic!

Number Two: They Know When You’re Waiting For A Fitting Room

If there’s a customer waiting for a fitting room, a dinging sound gets into the employees headset so they’re alerted. That’s how you get the served fast!

Number One: Craziest: Almost Everyone Has Walked In on Someone In A Room

If you’re in a fitting room and someone is knocking, yell your lungs out. In fact, most people who haven’t done that have seen someone walk in on them at that naked moment!

These craziest facts about this America’s famed retailer are interesting, and you agree to that. Stick around for more juicy articles!

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