American Horror Story: 40 Things You Didn't Know (Part 3)

American Horror Story: 40 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 3)

American Horror Story: 40 Things You Didn't Know (Part 3)

We have presented to you the first two sets of twenty unknown secrets about American Horror story, and now we are back to bring you ten more! Keep reading to discover all there is to know about your favorite thrilling television series! These secrets are absolutely horrific! Be sure to come back for part four, with the juiciest 10 unknown secrets about American Horror Story of all!

Number Twenty: Going to Witch School. The mansion which housed the young women in Coven is quite a mysterious manor. However, it is a real building in Louisiana known as Miss Robichaux’s Academy. It was previously a business school, and can now be rented for $5,000 per night.

Number Nineteen: The Real Romance. The connection between actors Evan Peters and Emma Roberts in Freak Show is extremely convincing- and it should be. Peters and Roberts have been engaged to one another since 2013. Then again, you probably already knew that after Roberts was arrested last year for giving Peters a bloody pop to the schnoz.

Number Eighteen: Trouble Over Threesomes. Actress Emma Roberts had planned to star in the 2012 Spring Breakers movie. However, upon seeing that the script involved a raunchy three-way, she decided to keep her modesty and give up the role. Although, she had no problem being involved in an implied threesome on Coven. In her defense, it was a much more artistic depiction and we approve of her morals.

Number Seventeen: Spalding NEVER Spoke. Denis O’Hare is the talented man that pulled off the role of Spalding, the muted butler, in Coven. He was extremely dedicated to staying in character; even on the set, he insisted on remaining mute and spoke to no one.

Number Sixteen: The Witch that Wasn’t. We are most familiar with Connie Britton as the convincing mother from Murder House. She was offered a position to come back for a role in Coven, and even she knew how awesome it would be to rock those witchy powers. Sadly, she had filming responsibilities for Nashville that stopped her from appearing.

 Number Fifteen: The Scene that Wasn’t. In the original planning of the events in Coven, the show featured an odd sex scene with characters Madison (Emma Roberts) and Spalding (Denis O’Hare). The scene was actually filmed, in which Madison confronted Spalding about keeping her as a doll and resulted in an odd scene of intercourse surrounded by dolls. However, the scene got cut in editing, so it was all for nothing.

Number Fourteen: Spoiler Alert. No really, spoiler alert! If you have not yet seen Coven and still plan to, just skip past this one. Go on, we won’t blame you. If you’re still reading, then you already know the identity of the Supreme. However, the opening credits of the Coven season gave you the answer as soon as the first episode. In the credits, Sarah Paulson’s name appears next to a depiction of Santa Muerte, or the Lady of the Seven Powers. If you were able to put two and two together, this little feature might have ruined the whole show for you.

Number Thirteen: Another True Story. Also featured in Coven is The Axeman of New Orleans, played by Danny Huston. You knew that, but what you didn’t know is that The Axeman was a legendary serial killer who ravaged the city from May of 1918 to October of 1919. The residents were fairly safe, as long as they kept that soulful jazz playing.

Number Twelve: Stevie Witch. Somewhere in the grapevine, you may have heard a juicy rumor that many people believe to this day that Stevie Nicks is a witch. We can neither confirm or deny that, but let’s just say her appearance in Coven didn’t exactly put the rumor to rest.

Number Eleven: Meep, the Teacher. Meep, the character from Freak Show that suffered a horrid death in prison, is played by actor Ben Woolf. Woolf isn’t known as much for his acting capabilities, so much as his preschool-teaching abilities.

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