Amp Energy Drink: 6 Things You Didn’t Know

Amp Energy Drink: 6 Things You Didn’t Know

Amp Energy Drink: 6 Things You Didn’t Know

Amp is a beloved energy drink across the world, but you would be right to have some reservations about consuming a drink with such confusing and infamous ingredients. Energy drinks are huge in the bustling modern day, and we have come to give you the scoop on everything you need to know about this beverage brand!

Number Six: Amp Energy Emerges

Though most people don’t know, Amp is a product of the soft drink big boss, PepsiCo. The beverage was launched back in 2001, originally under the name Mountain Dew Amp. Unsurprisingly, the drink was made from the base formula of Mountain Dew.

Number Five: Active Ingredients

You would be right to second guess consuming any energy drink, but we have come to reveal all of the mysterious ingredients you might see on the nutrition label. The main energizing component in Amp is guarana, which is an energy-boosting supplement from the guarana plant in Brazil. The caffeine of this component has twice the amount of caffeine found in coffee beans. In addition to this main ingredient, they also add in taurine (a natural amino acid), ginseng (a revitalizing plant-based supplement), and a whole lot of caffeine.

Number Four: Vitamin Content

Oddly enough, there is actually an impressively high vitamin content in this beverage. All eight of the B-vitamins are thrown into the mix in order to increase cell metabolism rates.

Number Three: The Brand of Greatness

As an energy drink, it is important for Amp to show face in the athletic world. You may have seen the Amp energy drink logo sported on Dale Earnhardt’s No. 88 racecar, or sponsoring the World Extreme Cagefighting series and the “Amp Energy 500” on the Talladega Speedway.

Number Two: Caffeine Levels

With the combination of guarana and added caffeine, this beverage offers the same amount of caffeine as about three average cups of coffee. While this may seem high, it is not as high as many of the other energy drink options you will see on the shelf. However, these intense amounts of caffeine consumption can lead to a handful of health problems, as you will see below.

Number One: The Risk

When the topic of energy drinks arises, health concerns are of the highest importance. So the real question is, is Amp safe to drink? Health professionals often advise not, although almost any dietary choice is fine in moderation. However, people who consume this beverage excessively pose risk for sleeplessness, increased blood pressure, high blood sugar levels, and cardiovascular disease. Many of these symptoms are produced by the combination of high sugar and caffeine intake. Hope you enjoyed discovering the six things that you didn’t know about Amp!

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