Amy Winehouse's Family Displeased with Biopic

Amy Winehouse’s Family Displeased with Biopic

Director Asif Kapadia’s Amy Winehouse biopic, Amy: The Girl Behind the Name, is set to air at the Cannes Film Festival this May and in theaters across the UK on July third; that’s if of course her father (Mitch Winehouse) doesn’t get his way.  Mr. Winehouse, who recently viewed the first edit of the documentary based on his daughter, was none too pleased with the way he was portrayed in the film and plans to sue for deformation of character as soon as the biopic is released.  The film, which Mr. Winehouse feels portrayed him as an absentee father, allegedly does not include any of the information given to the filmmakers about the involvement of Winehouse’s family in the later stages of her life and the constant effort they made to help Winehouse.  Mr. Winehouse not only stated that he was sickened when he watched it for the first time, but ensures that his daughter would have been disappointed in the biopic.  “Amy would have been furious. This is not what she would have wanted.”  He also admits that he feels like the people associated with the making of the movie had a specific idea of what the film would be like and refused to let even the truth change that image.

Due to the family’s displeasure with the film, they are officially separating themselves from the biopic.  In an official statement by the family’s spokesperson it is revealed that, “The Winehouse family would like to disassociate themselves from the forthcoming film about their much missed and beloved Amy.”  Not only does her family feel that the film is misleading and untruthful, but that it also should’ve focused on celebrating her life and career.  It continues, “The film suggests for instance that not enough was done for Amy, that her family and management pushed her into performing or did not do enough to help her.”

Aside from how he and his family are portrayed in the film, Mr. Winehouse also criticized the filmmakers for allowing her ex-husband, Blake Fielder-Civil to be a part of the documentary.  While it was just over a year ago that Mr. Winehouse told media that he had forgiven Fielder-Civil for his daughter’s death and expressed his hope that Fielder-Civil would use his experiences with addiction to help school age children, he now says that, “If the real truth came out about Blake, he wouldn’t be able to walk down the street so how they can allow him to make that claim about me is so hurtful and beyond belief,” referring to Fielder-Civil’s claims that Winehouse was an addict because of her father.  He also states that it was Fielder-Civil who “coerced her into Class A drugs.”  In an interview from 2013 Fielder-Civil admits that it was he who gave Winehouse her first taste of heroin.  “I was smoking it on foil and she said can I try some and I said… I might have put up a weak resistance – the fact is whatever I said she did end up having some.”

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