Andy Davis - Single Christmas (Official Music Video)

Andy Davis – Single Christmas

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Single Christmas” is a bluesy jazz track by the talented Andy Davis. The music video features Doug the Pug. Doug contemplates in front of his reflection while wearing a Santa costume. He prepares for what seems like a photo op with an abundance of women. Doug doesn’t like his job, so it seems. The unfortunate pug sits on a chair with a sad look on his furry face. Why so? There’s a line of women waiting to meet him! After his Santa shift, he ponders as he stares at his white lit Christmas tree and eats a bag of Cheetos. Drinking beer after beer, playing X-Box, and checking Tinder, the miserable pup heads out into the cold city. Andy Davis’ lyrics are deep as he describes “Single Christmas” as “just another chance to get in touch with yourself / just another reason to not go and spend that hard-earned money on someone else.” The music is simple, yet soulful. And Davis’ vocals will bring joy to the ears. No one wants to spend Christmas alone. Find out if Doug rids himself of his loneliness and finds the one.

“Single Christmas” Written and Performed by Andy Davis
Starring Doug the Pug
Written and Directed by Andy Davis
Shot and Edited by Steven Alan
Pug Owner and Trainer – Leslie Mosier
Special thanks to Urban Outfitters Nashville and No. 308 Bar, Nashville, TN
Portrait Girls – Erika Grace Powell, Tiffany Thompson, Jerusha Robinson, Emily Weisband, Suzanna Weisband and Gabriella Caspi


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