Andy Duguid ft. Jaren - Battle Cry (Official Music Video)

Andy Duguid ft. Jaren – Battle Cry

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Andy Duguid’s video for the single “Battle Cry” featuring Jaren is set in a dystopian society ruled by a company called “Globe Corp.” The video opens to a news broadcast outlining the collapse of the world’s leading countries, stating that unemployment and birth rates are higher than ever. The video itself is set 10 years after this broadcast, in a totalitarian world where people are banned from having children. It opens to a scene of man’s wife giving birth in a run-down apartment. At the same time, a SWAT team who detects this violation of the status quo is coming for him. The man escapes with his newborn child just in time, and sets out on a journey to find freedom. He leaves the city, and just when we think he’s made it to safety, he finds the SWAT team waiting to arrest him as the song reaches its climax. To find out what happens next in this suspenseful music video, click play and check it out for yourself!

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