Animal Kingdom - Strange Attractor (Official Music Video)

Animal Kingdom – Strange Attractor

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Animal Kingdom’s music video for “Strange Attractor” starts out with the moment a young man and young woman lock eyes across a dance floor. The camera slowly zooms in on each of their faces, alternating between the two of them as they give each other a small smile. Then as the beat kicks in, the camera starts to pull back and they are no longer at the dance club, as only a white background is visible behind them. The young woman’s small smile contorts, her eyes grimacing in such a way that you think at first she might be about to cry. Suddenly her body heaves, and in slow motion she spews forth a fountain of liquid flecked with sparkling pieces of what could be colorful shards of glass, or perhaps just fruity candy. The burst of glimmering pieces of color are reflected in the young man’s eyes, and he seems not at all perturbed by her rainbow retch. Watch the music video to see if they come together in the end.

Written by Richard Sauberlich, Hamish Crombie and Geoff Lea
Produced by David Kosten
Directed by Ben Strebel
Production – Emory Ruegg
Art Director – Guy Thompson
Editor – Mike Brown @ Absolute Post
DoP – Ben Kracun1st
AD – Boris Becker
Hair & Make Up – Frances Lee Done
Stylist – Tayler Lee Larkin and Roxanne Farnham
Flame Artist – Owen Saward @ Absolute Post
Colourist – Houmam Abdallah @ The MillProd Co – SALOON FILM


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